Mending the Vision of Your Eyes

Many of us usually end up taking our eyes for granted. Until we encounter some problem pertaining to the eye, we usually do not pay much attention to the organs that allow us to see things and respond accordingly. Consider the situation if we could not see. Our limbs would not become useless – we would still be able to use them. However, our responses to the situation facing us would be a lot slower and life, in general, a lot more awkward. Poor eyesight remains a problem that generally impacts many people, particularly as they age. Some of the most common eye problems faced by individuals include:
 Glaucoma: This refers to a group of eye diseases impacting the optic nerve that may eventually result in the loss of sight. Typically, it shows no symptoms initially and by the time the patient notices the impairment of vision, it can only be controlled but not reversed.
 Cataract: In this, the usually clear lens in the eye becomes cloudy. This ailment usually impacts the aged and can be caused by taking cortisone mediation, trauma and diabetes.
 Retinal Detachment: This has been defined as the separation of the retina from the underlying tissues within the eyes. This usually happens as a result of a retinal break or tear.
 Conjunctivitis: Referred to as Pinkeye, this disease inflames the membranes covering the whites of the eyes and those lying on the inner part of the eyelids. Usually caused by bacterial/viral infections, this can also be caused by allergic reactions or chemical reactions arising from pollution etc.

In addition to the ailments listed above, other common problems such as myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism etc. also lead to the use of contact lenses and spectacles to correct the defects and improve sight.

In her mid-20s, a woman named Janet Goodrich studied the Bates and Corbett Methods of vision improvement and Reichian Therapy. Using the modalities posited, she created a whole person approach to eyesight improvement, which has been referred to as the Janet Goodrich Method. Using the pointers given by this Method, she discarded the spectacles she had worn for nearly two decades. The Janet Goodrich Method (also called Natural Vision Improvement) aims at correcting blurred eyesight to improve vision. The program prevents and reverses functional eyesight distortions including long-sightedness, shortsightedness, astigmatism etc. Bringing about a natural improvement in your eyesight remains the main objective of the Janet Goodrich Method.

Improve sight knows how important your vision is to you and we would like to show you exactly how to take control of your eyesight and dramatically improve it. You can learn how to see clearly naturally without glasses, contact lenses or surgery.

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