Menopause Treatments That Actually Do The Trick

It can be very frustrating to have to try lots of supposed remedies in an attempt to treat your menopause. You might have friends surrounding you that have found good treatment methods. They might even be pushing you to try the things they have tried. Try to remind yourself that they mean well. They just want to help you find a way to feel better than you do now.

There was a time when women did not know what to do for the sometimes-miserable changes. Choosing from the various treatment methods available these days will assist you in decreasing your symptoms. You cannot count on what worked for your friend working for you because we all react differently to the various remedies available. Amazingly, there are treatments that are available which have proven to work well for the majority of women. The treatments discussed below are worth the time it will take to explore them.

1. Try loading up on phytoestrogens, the famous plant nutrients. Phytoestrogens come from a variety of naturally-occurring foods. Lignans and isoflavones are two forms of phytoestrogens found in a variety of food you eat, hopefully on a frequent basis. Several of the fruits and vegetables we eat everyday contain many phytoestrogen type lignans.

2. Isoflavones are also found in some beans. Women who prefer not to use hormone replacement therapy should choose these foods. Tests have shown some promise as far as phytoestrogens are concerned but there is no solid proof that they can completely replace hormones. Treatment results are not absolute but some women report feeling a decrease in their symptoms.

3. Hormone therapy has also been reported to diminish these symptoms. Women are warned by researchers and some medical personnel to be cautious about using these substances. After all, women have lived for tens of thousands of years without additional hormones.

4. Increase your intake of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a beneficial vitamin during menopause. A dose of Vitamin E on a regular basis can reduce the intensity of hot flashes. Just as most other herbal remedies are said to be inconclusive as to their results, Vitamin E is no exception. Should you choose to increase Vitamin E intake it is recommended that you eat more foods high in the vitamin. Dietary supplement medication of Vitamin E is more difficult for your system to absorb.

5. Using black cohosh has been said to have benefits. Many women report that, taken in the early stages of menopause, black cohosh can help them drastically reduce the severity of their symptoms. Severe side affects of black cohosh have been seen in a few long-term users and include heart palpitations, vision difficulties, nausea, headaches and dizziness to name a few. Should you consider black cohosh as an option for you we recommend talking to your doctor first. To avoid the above side effects do not take black cohosh for more than six months.

6. See your doctor often. Seeing your doctor once every twelve months is not enough if you are going through menopause. You should see your doctor at least every few months. This way your doctor will stay informed about your symptoms and whether or not your current treatments are successful. If you are using drug therapy to treat the symptoms of your menopause regular check ups will help your doctor track their progress as well. It is also easier to catch and treat conditions in their early stages if you get regular screeners like lipid level tests and pap smears. This will prove to be very beneficial if you start to show signs of aging issues or other kinds of disease.

You cannot universally treat menopause. There isn’t a sole treatment that will help every woman. Lost of women find that the best menopause treatment is to combine each of the major treatment categories: medicinal, herbal and lifestyle treatments. There are, however, some women who decide to only use one kind of treatment. Still others try to pretend that the menopause is not happening at all. You will know what is right for you. Just make sure that you run all of your menopause treatment choices past your doctor before trying them. Get approval from your doctor before you try anything new. You don’t want to do more harm than good to yourself.

Hot flashes & menopause may be normal partners but practical and healthful menopause treatment can easily send them packing.

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