Mens Denim Shirt: Rugged Mens Clothing and Fine Shirts

Denim is the favored fabric from the American workman in the times of the cotton plantations and the infamous California Gold Rush in 1850. The employees at the plantation and the gold miners needed clothes made of fabric which was durable and may withstand the rough and tumble of everyday digging, lifting, working with heavy tools day in and day out. An interesting early innovation in everyday use of the fabric came when rivets were utilized to secure the pockets from the worker’s overalls.

As it happens, denim has become an important wear for everyone – one can easily see the Kings, the Ceos, the celebrities, the haves and have-nots – and it is seldom out of fashion.

Historically, blue pigment obtained from indigo dye, that was long lasting due to the darkness of the color, was used in traditional denim dyeing processes, was adopted till the finish of 1800s. Just about all clothes made of denim were thus blue. It was in 1894, in Germany, that the synthetic replacement for indigo was invented, and use of indigo like a dye was phased out with time and other colors with varying success might be employed for the fabric. However, a sizable majority of population associates denim with blue, thus the predominance of this color.

Together with cotton, denim could be made from lycra, polyester bonded with nylon nets. For varied texture and feel, special coatings or rubberized effects are applied on the fabric. The pad might be made to look irregular, the torn jeans with holes as if a bullet has shot through was greater than a passing fad. For that finer feel and texture, natural fibers for example cashmere and silk are combined to provide the connoisseur a radically new feel. More supple denims might use wool, linen etc giving more variety for designers and fashionistas.

Nowadays, from rugged overalls for the blue-collar workers to fine shirts for the well-heeled, jackets for the rebels with no cause, and trousers we so frequently call jeans, denim is worn by everyone. One might call it the ultimate classless fabric, flattening the category divides with double-stitched blue, snugly fitting every shape and size. For a lot of, the in history classic style is really a white cotton shirt and blue jeans – a look which has not gone out of fashion within the last century.

An extremely welcome trend, revived from the 1960s is painted upon, embroidered jeans. For some, the monotony from the plain fabric is replaced through the very adventurous designs which range from graffiti to flowers to butterflies and what have you.

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