Mens Hair Loss Treatment | Hairstyle Transformation – Does it Work?



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    • avatar Alain 1

      Trump really needs to reconsider the professionals he went to. xD

      • avatar Igor Mihajlovic 1

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          • avatar joe doe 1

            how much bid he pay you for this video so he can miss lead clients with his salon to sell this crap! this hair systems is shocking and very unnatural you can tell just by looking at the hairline. and the rest! …. look how thick it is for one!. if it looks fake on youtube then how in the world is it marketable ???????

            • avatar ahtisham ejaz 0

              How much it cost????

              • avatar wawawan lionheart 1

                What a waste

                • avatar Abhishek Singh 1

                  Get a transplant and keep it short or go bald

                  • avatar ali combo 1

                    Só good

                    • avatar Kh Imtiyas 1

                      gife me the contant number plz.

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                        • avatar ajaz ahmed 1

                          Is this treatment is available in India