Microsoft Excel Basic Class – Aug 2017

Microsoft Excel Basic Class – Aug 2017
Event on 2017-08-02 09:00:00
Dear participants, this exciting Microsoft Excel training will empower you with essential knowledge and skill to use Microsoft Excel better, far better than what you currently has. The more you learn, the more wonder you can create with Excel, the more you will in love with Microsoft Excel. We knew it because we have been in the Excel Corporate Training industry for the past ten years in Malaysia. Your expected learning outcome:At the end of this training, you will be able to:- View data, edit data much more easier than you think- Copy worksheet faster than you know.- Create basic Excel built in formulas faster than others- Building practical business plan that awe your friends- Creating contact management- Creating budget for your own, your family and ultimately for your company you work at.We believe that you as an employee must be good at managing your own finance using Excel. And as the saying goes a happy employee will increase his productivity and the company's bottom line. You will begin to see usefulness of Excel like never before. Effective Training methods:1. The training is purpose driven. Our hands-on exercise will help you to understand the importance of Excel using practical case study. You will love those case studies. This is a one day training held at Puchong, Malaysia. For a larger group size, the class duration is two day (we can also conduct in on weekend) Corporate In House Training: If you cannot come to us, we can go to you. We can provide excellent Microsoft Excel corporate training at your corporate premise. We have trained 100 of corporate staff to use Excel faster than before. MODULE 1: The Excel Environment and Basic Configuration Introduction to Microsoft great design – RibbonHow to maximizing and minimizing Ribbon.What is Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)How to access to most common used command fasterLearn to focus – what really matterLearn to save workbook in multiple format (xlsx, and xlsm or xls)Open a recent workbook fast.Converting Excel worksheet to otehr format (such as PDF format) MODULE 2: DATA ENTRYAutomatically fill a list of dayAutomatically numbersCreate a list of every Tuesday/Wednesday easilyMust-know technique to enter date and time fastMultiply cells data entryCreate time table easier than you think.Setting up list MODULE 3: BASIC FORMULA and EXCEL BUILT-IN FUNCTIONWriting your first formula in ExcelCreating a simple formula, then learn to use some basic functions: SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNT, COUNTA MODULE 4: NAVIGATION and SEARCHING INFORMATIONUsing Keyboard shortcuts to complete Excel task faster.Find a text and fill all occurrences.Find a text then replace them all fast. MODULE 5: FORMATTING TEXT in EXCELCreating formatting shortcutsAdding, deleting, hiding row/columnWrapping textMerging or unmerge cells MODULE 6: FUNDAMENTAL WORKSHEET OPERATIONLearn the easiest way to move a worksheetsa faster way to copy one or multiple worksheet(s)delete, rename worksheetviewing multiple worksheets at the same time.Synchronous Scrolling. MODULE 7: CREATE HYPERLINK in EXCELCreate your first HyperlinkEdit hyperlink locationDelete hyperlinkCreate Linked CellCreate Linked Cell across multiple sheetsCreate Linked cell from different workbook MODULE 8: USEFUL EXCEL SHORTCUT LISTVery useful shortcut list to work with Excel workbook fast.You will love to know all these shortcut and apply it to your daily work. MODULE 9: Time Saving Mail Merge Thank you for reading and learning with us in the near future.

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