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This Excel VBA course will help you see how some of your time-consuming daily task in Excel can be automated using a tool named - Visual Basic for Application (VBA). This course will help you discover the wonder of Excel Visual Basic for Applications from recording macros to advanced automation technique. Learning outcome: At the end of the training, the participants will able to: Understand the fundamentals of Excel VBA Understand the Visual Basic Editor environment.  Understand and use basic Excel Objects Understand variables concept Using Looping structure to do repetitive Excel task automatically. Using code to decide which logic path to work on. Connecting to database programmatically Automate Pivot Table reporting Send email to multiple audiences according to pre-defined list automatically Prerequisite: You must be a Microsoft Excel user on a day-to-day basis to take full advantage of Excel VBA. Note: You do not need to know any programming language prior to this class, and that is completely ok. COURSE OUTLINE Module #1: Introduction to macro/Visual Basic for Application (VBA)  Developing wonders in a whole new world. Understand and using new command It’s simple, just record it Understand what you have recorded And more. Module #2: Understand the new VBA Environment  The Visual Basic Editor The 4 Windows Running Macros Learn to comment fast Module #3: Save your hard work Save your macro. Reopen file Enable macro Module #4: Accessing Excel Cell’s Value  Navigate within a worksheet How to access a particular cell Selecting entire current range Exercise Module #5: Object  What is Object? What is OOP? Object examples declaring an Object variable Module #6: Variable Concept  What is variable? How to use a variable The different type of variables Declare a Constant Benefit of using a Constant Module #7: Working with Text  Essential task: Joining words Finding the length of a text Getting part of a text See how fast VBA turns all selected text to uppercase or lowercase Module #8: Examples & Demos  Highly useful VBA Examples Easy to follow VBA exercises  Demo related to converting PDF Demo related to currency Module #9: Flow Control Using IF, AND, OR Using IF Combination of IF, AND Nested IF If ElseIf Module #10: Looping For Loop While Loop Exiting a Loop Looping with flow control User Defined Function Creating User Defined Functions  Event Procedures Using the With statement Module #11: Passing argument to Function What is an argument? How to pass single argument How to pass multiple arguments Difference between ByVal and ByRef Module #12: Worksheet Operation Working with single worksheet programmatically Working with multiple worksheets programmatically Insert worksheet Delete worksheet Moving worksheet Renaming worksheet Module #13: Interacting with Outlook From Excel Sending email from Excel sending email without attachment  Sending email With attachment (PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint or any format you want) Setting email priority – High, Low, Medium programmatically Module #14: Exporting and Importing Data Export data to Microsoft Access/MySQL Import data from database Removing duplicate data  Module #15: Error Handling On Error Resume statement Entering formula Formula VS FormulaR1C1  Module #16: Running faster code Disable screen updating Using Activate instead of Select   Module #17: Entering formula Using .Formula method Using .FormulaR1C1 method Enter Worksheet Function such as MATCH, VLOOKUP, PROPER and etc. For the sample of works, please visit:   WHY LEARN WITH US? -Small class size. Before you decide, just ask other training providers, how many students per class?-PSMB Approved Training Provider. We deliver only the excellent Excel training you want.-Highly creative and experienced. We are the expert in applying various Excel functions and feature. We have trained more than 200 corporate clients including batches of finance staffs for Bank Negara Malaysia, TESCO, Maybank and etc.-Ongoing learning. You can further deepen your Excel skill and understand by purchase videos tutorial after the training session. It’s great and excellent tool for you to revise what you learned and help you enhance your skill to next level, all this - on your own pace.**-Carefully designed course material and exercise. Easy to understand and practical example for various job functions.-Excel Peak Performance Coaching. We are committed 100% to your success in applying Excel to master level within 3 - 5 months or less through one to one coaching.**   FAQsIs my registration/ticket transferrable?Yes.Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?No, just show us your ticket on your mobile phone will do. Let us go green.What is the refund policy?No refund. However, replacement is allowed for the registered date.The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?It is OK. As long as you can explain logically.Will a certificate be given?Yes, a certificate will be issued upon completion of the program, you will receive it 1 day after the training. Please sign up today. Only 4 seats available. Limited seats.   Learning Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.   Thank you very much in advance for learning with us.

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