Mindfulness, Yoga and Essential Oils

Mindfulness, Yoga and Essential Oils
Event on 2017-07-02 09:00:00
Mindfulness, Yoga and Essential Oils - JWrigley Vineyards - Sun Jul 2 at 9:00AM 

Join us for a day of Mindfulness, Yoga & Essential Oils. Presented by 3 professional women. Ticket price includes materials, breakfast, lunch and a wine reception.

Learn about the brain and how our understanding of it's function can aid us in mindfulness with Stephanie Fine-Sasse of the Peoples Science, Harvard University (http://www.peoplesscience.org/home)

Discover your favorite resources for Mindfulness with Ariel Eberle; stretch, ergonomics, essential oils and meditation.

Enjoy a guided meditation and yoga with Caitlin Jean on the patio.

 Sheridan OR - http://www.wrigleywines.com/

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at J Wrigley Vineyards
19390 SW Cherry Hill
Sheridan, United States



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