Mood disorders are glial disorders: Fikri Birey at TEDxSBU

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    • avatar Jason West 1

      If depression is a loss of Glial cells, what happens when the depression lifts? Do the dead glial cells grow back? Even if this is true, it's only part of the picture.

      • avatar Emily Mackowski 1

        Those poor mice :/

        • avatar Chengfu Saechao 0

          what is Glial????😞😯😤!!

          • avatar Rina Berman 0

            I can't quite catch the type of glia he's referencing. Does anyone know?

            • avatar Sheri F 1

              Thank you for this talk. I've learnt so much about going. Love your accent!!

              • avatar Robert Walton 1

                Excellent presentation. Now if we could just get the mercury fillings (Amalgams) and aluminum /mercury out of vaccines! Google!!!!            glial and mercury

                • avatar Albert Ripple 2

                  Now you know: Glia is a highly important component of brain function.

                  • avatar John Kelly 2

                    Correcting the long term changes in the microglia in the spinal cord of affected dermatomes, possibly reversing long-term inhibition, may allow new communication from peripheral nerves and erase chronic long-term pain

                    • avatar John Kelly 1

                      Let us not forget the microglia and the glia that wrap themselves around every extension of the neurons into the peripheral nervous system

                      • avatar Anne Riches 1

                        Would be interested to know what further developments there have been since Fikri gave this talk. Mood disorders have been predicted by WHO to be the second leading cause of disability by 2020. So anything to improve the prevention/treatment of depression will be welcomed.

                        • avatar Neha Kinariwalla 1

                          The perfect blend of academia, humor and insight. Amazing job Fikri!

                          • avatar Fikri Birey 1

                            Thanks everyone!

                            • avatar Kent Gustavson 0

                              I've been walking around talking about Glia for weeks since I first saw his speech. Fascinating and fantastic.

                              • avatar Graham Wright 1

                                i played halo with that guy lol

                                • avatar Graham Wright 2

                                  go fikri!