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    • avatar Laura Kaptue 1

      you're a live saver for me in medical school.. God bless you

      • avatar Hafizah Hoshni 1

        thank you so much 😀

        • avatar Kushedison Yunus 1

          Dear Dr Bolin, greetings from Australia. Just a question about being a patron, is there any chance I can be a once -off patron? I am more than willing to support your fantastic effort but would like to pay a lump sum. Thank you.

          • avatar Ge Gals 1

            Love your videos but my favorite was the last part! Love that verse and Amen to that! Thank you!

            • avatar Dechen Yangzom 0

              thank you very much for making psy so easy. I really enjoyed ur lecture more than my prof.

              • avatar crissie rose 0

                that bloke you goes ""why are u looking at the videos"" is so creepy and annoying

                • avatar wadx7 0

                  is there anyway to download the ppts ??

                  • avatar ivan damara 0

                    what an uplifting verse, hi from indonesia.

                    • avatar Sibusisiwe03 0

                      Thank you for the videos! So clear and easy to understand. Much appreciated

                      • avatar chomo helo 0

                        Hello Dr. Bolin. I have been searching for DVD copies on all your videos but just can't find any. was wondering if you could combine all your videos according to subsection as listed (cardio, psych, etc) and sell it. by having the cds one wouldn't need to have Internet to watch. all 300 plus videos

                        • avatar Andy Akbar 1

                          hi paul, i was wondering is there an opposite towards bereavement, like their parents died and the next day they feel completely fine. would that count as a mood disorder

                          • avatar bella 0

                            Thank you so much for all the lectures. You are doing a wonderful job! Are there transcripts for the lectures?

                            • avatar HeyImLucy 1

                              this is so interesting! thank you for sharing it.