1. Minelabs Minelabs

    Mood disorder = invented illness with not a shred of scientific evidence to prove it.

  2. MsSalmata MsSalmata

    Pls I would like to know how personality and personality disorder s can go awry? Just few examples will be OK thanks.

  3. RabbitSlippersBlog RabbitSlippersBlog

    I am just starting out in school myself and this lecture was very helpful for me too! Thanks!

  4. After Midnight Tales After Midnight Tales

    just cause you had a crappy moment with who ever checked you and decided that something is wrong with you when nothing really is, dosnt mean you need to run down the street and yell " it's a lie" . so they made a mistake with you it dosnt mean it's a lie or fake or made up.

  5. After Midnight Tales After Midnight Tales

    LOOOL… listen, i get it that for you it's impossible to see through the eyes of the person who got a disorder but dont say that it's a made up thing. and no im not taking meds… you're a healthy person who got no issues with himself, good for you but dont tell a person who's in pain that it's all in his head, i thought that it's all in my head for a long time and one day i realized that it's not going away…so i guess it's not just in my head.

  6. After Midnight Tales After Midnight Tales

    think whatever you want, i know what ive been through…cause of my behavior i lost a lot of people who loved me cause i couldnt control my thoughts and actions and hurt them….

  7. After Midnight Tales After Midnight Tales

    how can it be made up when suddenly the person's mood is changing so suddenly and for no reason? i got bipolar and it made me do things i thought i will never do like out of nowhere feel sad and thinking about sucide?

  8. JT2012a JT2012a

    thank you for putting this up, very interesting.

  9. skid728 skid728

    Great presentation, thank u. One lesser known fact: Tylenol/Acetaminophen OD seams low risk, but it's a lethal attempt (an ER nightmare!). Acute acetaminophen poisoning takes so little & requires an antedote of: acetylcysteine/Mucomyst to stop rapid liver failure, & the window to get to the ER for life saving measures is encumbered because no one knew the lethality of it & the person seems fine. True, other methods allow NO time for intervention, but for a crisis response team – it's lethal!.

  10. J Benedict J Benedict

    Thanks dr. Very helpful!

  11. steve10286 steve10286

    Dr. Fiala, I just wanted to thank you because your lecture was a great helpf for me to review the material for my clinical diagnosis class for my MSW. Please keep helping us students with your great explanations!

  12. Hellif Iknow Hellif Iknow

    i salute the guy in the video for talking for almost 2 hours,,,, 🙂 doesn't your throat hurt sir? heheh

  13. Jasper Simon Jasper Simon

    So, if I had depressions and hypomania and mixed episode, I'm suposed to have Bipolar I, even if I NEVER had mania?
    wtf? 😮

  14. dysvanlist dysvanlist

    I think i'm dysthymic, not sure


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