Most Contagious STDs in the World

Most Contagious STDs in the World

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    • avatar Ollie Rae 1

      my parents made me watch this when i was 5

      • avatar peter JAMES 1

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        • avatar Olympic Games Atlanta 96 1

          I went to the Summer Olympics in Atlanta back in 1996, but I use condoms. Will I catch a STD anyway lol!?😉😏

          • avatar manny bruhh 0

            so your gonna just forget about easy e when hes more famous then the non known actors you picked ????????????????

            • avatar Lily Quinn 1

              buy a sex dolls or fake viagra

              • avatar Star Lynn 1

                How tf do pornstars survive?

                • avatar Martine Davis 1

                  I might never have sex again…. And I'm married😂😂…Wow, the US government intentionally infected African Americans with syphillis ?

                  • avatar Water Boodle Fliping 1

                    I have been getting circles all over my skin…

                    • avatar Pomegranate 1

                      "including YOUR next sexual partner"
                      Was that really necessary

                      • avatar صقر العروبة 0

                        i'm now 25 year old virgin male.. thank god

                        • avatar Dat History lad 0

                          My full name is S.T.D. no joke

                          • avatar Chris Reed 1

                            Yeeeeaaaa… Gods perfect plan of no sex before marriage and one man for one woman makes a lot more sense after watching this. Think about it; if we all stuck to the plan, a lot of this stuff wouldn't even be around.

                            • avatar GoldenAge 2

                              This makes me want to stay a virgin, forever. This shit is nasty!

                              • avatar theproplady 2

                                The Tuskeegee Experiment did NOT deliberately infect black men with syphilis. The men caught the disease themselves. What the study DID do was prevent the men from getting treatment for the disease once penicillin had been discovered. Still a dick move on the part of the government, but it's important to keep the facts straight when discussing topics like this.

                                • avatar Spellcaster86 1

                                  (An Asexual laughing in the distance). Also, even using a condom doesn't fully prevent these problems. Some people feel the need to touch a person's genitalia, without washing their hands after. Also you still have to touch the condom to take it off. People are willing to ruin their health to feel the cheap release of Dopamine, even though you can get the same release by doing anything else that is entertaining.

                                  • avatar Creature Claw 2

                                    During sex Ed my teacher only said that HIV is deadly, well she's dead wrong cause all of them seem deadly

                                    • avatar Paul Warcraft 2

                                      So, I'm thinking of becoming asexual now…

                                      • avatar Paul Warcraft 1

                                        So, I'm thinking of becoming asexual now…