1. Abraham Bacon Abraham Bacon

    Thank you. I've had many symptoms of hypothyroid, and I'm male, 26YO. I tried a strong bone broth a couple weeks ago and man, that really did help me feel good, emotionally, physically, and mentally, especially the coldness I'm used to, I felt warm and normal for a couple days after, I wonder how it worked chemically, but I know it worked.

  2. Hassina Ahmadzada Hassina Ahmadzada

    Love your videos but there's noice in the background of this video that makes it annoying.
    Keep up the great work doc … we appreciate you very much .

  3. SundanceWoman SundanceWoman

    Do you believe a person can have Hashi's with normal antibodies?

  4. SundanceWoman SundanceWoman

    STRESS and eating poorly

  5. Beth Valdez Beth Valdez

    I had a really low thyroid (hypothyroidism) and I never felt any symptoms. Is there a chance that it will heal?, I eat really healthy and drink plenty of water. I've never been told what is setting it off.

  6. Sarah Jane Sarah Jane

    Thank you Dr. Berg! You're awesome!❤

  7. Arlen Billings Arlen Billings

    I`ve never looked back since I utilized this hypothyroidism solution “nazu amazing guide” (Google it). I feel so much healthier, I’m not tired anymore, I`m eating better, don’t feel bloated or even stressed. My skin is moisturized. I can now move my joints without pain. It’s surprising how correct information and adhering to it accordingly contributes to the treatment of my condition.

  8. Arlen Billings Arlen Billings

    I am feeling good. I just read the hypothyroidism guide “nazu amazing guide” (Google it) and followed all of its guidelines. Now I have a normal body temperature throughout the day, and I could now attain a good night sleep. I have not had a headache in quite a while. I do not have any bad comments on the guide and I also share my story with the guide to my friends abroad.

  9. lee m lee m

    Watched your video and remade my life! RAI for Graves 13 years ago. Levothyroxine daily since then. Slowly and insidiously, my life changed – I felt I was no longer really me. Of course I tried to find a solution. Four different endocrinologists through the years, and all would not acknowledge any problem – afterall, my tsh was just fine ( so there was no problem) …
    Then I watched this video. Thytrophin PMG! Bought some on eBay. Positive changes within days of starting this wonderful supplement. I can't believe the difference in my quality of life –
    Thank you so much!!!

  10. Gils Creations Gils Creations

    Hi Eric, I take meds and can I still can take pmg ??

  11. Auden Albright Auden Albright

    I have been on hypothyrodism for Nine years and struggling… I discovered hypothyroidism solution “nazu amazing guide” (Google it) and followed all the suggestions. I`ve had a great improvement in my joint pain, have cut my pain medicine by about 80%, stopped anti-inflammatory drugs fully.

  12. Janet Simon Janet Simon

    Mr. Eric Berg, you are an angel.

  13. Dee Grace Dee Grace

    Hey Dr Berg, is there any other supplement other than Thyrotrophin PMG that attracts thyroid antibodies (like a decoy)? It's impossible to obtain that remedy here in Australia. Would be so grateful to hear there are alternatives. Many thanks,

  14. Anita Ares Anita Ares

    I131 Courtesy of Chernobyl.

  15. shipper66 shipper66

    what about hashimoto ? Would you recommend low dose naltrexone ?


    Hello Dr Berg and his followers. Any advice on diet for someone who had their thyroid removed.
    My mother is obese and has diabetes among many other related issues like hypertension, etc…
    And so she is taking a lot of medicines which obviously cure one symptom and create 10 others.
    I'm trying to educate her about the importance of nutrition but would keto or low carb be safe for her
    considering she does not have a thyroid, been through hepatitis and is 63 years old.

  17. Wendy Nichols Wendy Nichols

    I am working to heal my severe adrenal fatigue, AND hypothyroidism.
    Absolutely taxed at most movements. Was exercising fine with kayaking, walking, biking and swimming just last April. Now showering is taxing. Walked a mile, hobbled home, showered, and had to lay down. Was down for days like I was hit by a bus. So many doctors, all money out of pocket. I am trying now on my own. Lots of bed rest. Feel like my life has been robbed from me. Only 51. Extremely athletic all my life, now gain weight scarily. I am determined to heal myself and get my life back! (Menopause at 45, have uterine fibroids, post meno now)
    Thank You for this information. ♡

  18. Malu Santos Malu Santos

    Dr Berg, is it the case one shouldn't eat kale if you have an under active thyroid and are in medication? Thank you

  19. MakeupBazar MakeupBazar

    Hi i take synthriod, i have hypo thyriod and selenium, can i take pmg and thygroth?


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