Mouth Breathing Problems & Snoring w/ Dr. Mark Burhenne

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      • avatar Joseluis Guinea 2

        Dear Dr. Burhenne, Will saliva detach the 3M tape from my mouth? What about if I use kinesiology tape for my mouth? Please, I would appreciate very much if you could answer both questions. I tried before different types of tape, but I was afraid I could intoxicate myself, and some of them would detach with my salivation process.

        • avatar Laws Official 2

          i tried the mouth taping because my sleep quality is so poor (waking up with headaches, shortness of breath), and since i taped, ive been in an and out of the hospital because im almost passing out after any moderate exertion. not sure what it did to me but this is a nightmare. i still appreciate ur guys info, im sure its working for other ppl.

          • avatar MARTIN ALLEN 1

            Guys, completely stop your snoring doesn't have to be hard (I used to feel it did). I'll give you some advice right now. Look for method called Saladulux Method (do a google search). Seriously,I finally end my snoring for good by using Saladulux Method.

            • avatar William Read 2

              I love me cpap, I tried the mouth piece and i went from an over bite to an under bite then it changed my bite so all the points of my teeth ground off :( please don't mess with them you constantly have to adjust it and i eventually still snores with it

              • avatar Travel with Enfield 2

                Anybody tried the Saladulux Method (google search it)? I've heard several awesome things about this popular sleep apnea secrets.

                • avatar Akshara sonam 2

                  I read a lot of superb opinions on the internet about how exactly
                  Saladulux Method (search on google) can assist you eliminated your
                  snoring problem naturally , has anyone tried using this popular snoring

                  • avatar Kolitha Ekanayaka 1

                    Is Saladulux Method helpful to stop your snoring naturally? We've learn numerous good things about Saladulux Method (search on google).

                    • avatar garzascreek 1

                      A dentist who knows about K2. Nice!

                      • avatar qwe098qwe098qwe098 0

                        There is a new technology soon to become available for sleep apnoea, and it's laser surgery. I think it's being pioneered in Italy.

                        • avatar Bambolin Cyprus 1

                          Surgery, cpap/apap, oral plants, health care practitioner, dentist, cpap specialist, sleep specialist… wtf is he talking about? who can afford that???