Mowgli sketches-compare5

Mowgli sketches-compare5
Back Pain
Mowgli sketches-compare5

Start: Saturday, June 13, 2009, 12:24:25am
Done: Saturday, June 13, 2009, 12:42:13am

Panel 1- Mowgli crouching down to growl & snarl with the wolves. My Favorite panel in the set, as Mowgli is squatting and ready to Attack in a very Ferocious & Feral manner. I slightly redid the teeth in order to further capture the sense of Savagery in the image.
Panel 2- Mowgli apparently practicing with his boomerang which he mysteriously managed to master the throwing technique in just one throw. ;p I like the overall Action type pose in this as well as the flow of the hair and the arms.
Panel 3- A shot of Mowgli standing up against a wall to overlook his next move in a Mystery Movie style manner. As before, I like the shot of posture in here, as well as the sense of Noir you get in this.
Panel 4- Mowgli kneeling down in a nice poseable manner. Trying to remove the boomerang to make way for the elbow & back was a bit tricky, but not too difficult.
Panel 5- Mowgli sitting up and looking at someone behind him. I think I goofed up on the eyes by making them look down rather than to his left. Ah well.
Panel 6- Mowgli landing on the ground in an Action type thud. I like the Force of Impact on this panel & the way his body looks contorts to that Action style pose.
Panel 7- A shot of Mowgli running but with his back facing toward the animated camera. The right foot, where the sole shows, was a little too big, so I reshaped it to make more symmetrical as well as the left ankle as to make it less thinner than it already was.
Panel 8- Mowgli on the ground with an apparently hurt ankle. ouch. :sick: If I’m not mistaken, I think the pinky toe on his hurt foot was a little too big, so I made it smaller to accommodate the physical correctness of the feet. I also made his face a bit more exaggerated to make it look like he’s really hurt.
Panel 9- Mowgli hanging/climbing onto a rocky mountain edge. I like the perspective of this & the angle that goes along with it. Also touched up the feet and added the lines & curves to them too. 😎
Panel 10- Mowgli hanging by a stick lodged to his (invisible) loincloth. 😆 I had to redo the foot & the buttocks because the station ID was in the bloody way, which was a real pain to accomplish. grrr…:X
I also added the teeth to his mouth to make a bit more realistic & not too much of the Anime type.
Panel 11- Mowgli sitting quietly on a tree branch. I admire the sense of emotion & loneliness that he feels. It’s one of the main things that defines the character as Human.
Panel 12- Another shot of Mowgli sitting on the ground, probably not by himself. I like the pose and the way his body moves in this scene. I made his face more visible & touched up the hands and feet.
Panel 13- Mowgli kneeling on the grass staring into his reflection in the lake. Like I said in an earlier panel, I like the sense of emotion that the character is exhibiting through his posture.
I think I made his eyes a bit too big rather than have them narrow & I also fumbled up on the fingers too. Bleh. :hmm:
Panel 14- Mowgli backing away from a supposedly confrontation from The Khan. I like the way he looks from the back as he’s ready to take things a bit more seriously, now that someone is about to PWN him.
Panel 15- Mowgli leaping over a dumbed down Hyena. This is almost like the 12th panel one the 2nd Sketch work (my favorite panel on that one) except this one is more of a dangerous tone rather than a ‘Get Ready To BRAWL’ type of state. I also redid the leg there as the Hyena blocks it much, so I corrected it to make it more anatomically accurate with the other leg. It took me a while, but I’m proud of the results. 😎
Panel 16- Mowgli leaning on a window sill after an intense moment earlier. I really admire the way the character is feeling during this moment. It makes him feel more human rather than some Two Dimensional driven Feral Child, and the way he’s undressed just defines him in that manner. Why the diapers, I’ll never know. 🙄
Panel 17- Mowgli standing outside in the rain. I like the sense of loneliness here, so I kept this in here.
Panel 18- Another shot of Mowgli kneeling down during an emotional moment. I had a real difficult time trying to add the left leg as his foot & backside takes up too much attention as to where his shin is, because the loincloth is removed. So after trying DOZENS of details, I got fed up & just drew a line to where his leg would be and just left like that. Feh. :X
Panel 19- Mowgli kneeling down with his hand on the grass to assumedly sense some vibrations coming his way, or something. I like the sense of childlike curiosity & discovery in this panel. I think I forgot to color the inside of his mouth as to make look like he’s not gritting his teeth, it’s a minor fault, so heck with it. =p
Panel 20- Mowgli kneeling inside an old place of ruins & looking towards one of his Wolf Pack. I like the expression on his face, which I improvised on the matter, as it looks like he’s not feeling any intimidation that whoever is warning to him at something. I like when he’s tough like that. 😎
Panel 21- The same as above, but with a different posture to the scene. This scene, I feel, seems to be of the opposite feeling of the previous panel. In this, it looks like he’s paying more attention & taking something more seriously to whoever is speaking to him. I also improvised a few anatomy details here, like adding more designs to his feet, added the toes to his right foot, reshaped the backside, and I think I made his eye a little too huge as if whoever is yapping to him has caused his eye to boggle out. Eh. :hmm:
Panel 22- Mowgli sitting in his den, deep in thought. I slightly moved his eyes a bit to intentionally make his posture more emotional in this state.
Panel 23- A shot of Mowgli walking out of his den to probably get some Dinner. :hungry: I kinda like the way he looks sneaky in this panel & the pose shows it. Didn’t have too much of a rough time removing the loincloth & boomerang and draw around his back, but it was easy nonetheless.
Panel 24- Mowgli near the lake wandering around. As before, I like his pose in this one. I even redid some of the anatomy here, like the hands, fingers, his face & added his little belly button. 😀
His Eyes is a bit too buggy, but ah well, it looks good anyway.
Panel 25- Mowgli sprawled across the ground on his back after falling down a tree. I seem to both like the overall facial expression & state of fall that he’s in the panel. I redid the hips & thigh on him as well as improved the foot on the extended leg & reshaped the big toe. I also added the belly button, too. 😎
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