Ms. Lisa Fischer & Grand Baton

Ms. Lisa Fischer & Grand Baton
Event on 2017-10-13 20:00:00
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MusicFriday, October 13 • 8:00pm •

Part of the American Roots & Branches Series

After four decades of singing background for icons like the Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, and Nine Inch Nails – and receiving a Grammy for her own song “How Can I Ease The Pain” – Lisa Fischer is finally stepping back into the spotlight. Lisa’s story portrayed in the Oscar-winning 2013 documentary Twenty Feet from Stardom showcased her amazing vocal range and her ability to reach the hearts of her listeners, leaving audiences eager to see and hear more,. Lisa will perform her mesmerizing mix of soul, jazz, rock, gospel, pop, folk and classical with her band Grand Baton.


at The Egg
1 State St.
Albany, United States



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