1. Tonya Blandford Tonya Blandford

    I love with ppl who think m.s. is fake

  2. Tessa Drake- Coleman Tessa Drake- Coleman

    you mentioned pain three times and my knowledge is that usually there is 9 times out of 10 +not pain with early symptoms in the eyes, throat, and fingers,

  3. 1Lotusflower 1Lotusflower

    This is a very, very good video!

  4. Julie Covington Julie Covington

    Fantastic Video!! Well Done!! Very Informative!! Thanks!! 🐣

  5. Tor Gunnar Steen Tor Gunnar Steen

    If you or your loved ones have MS, Check out this Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vitamindprotocolnorthamerica/ and get informed about how MS patients get their life back. This is a community run by patients who want to spread the good news and their experience with this treatment protocol. It is amazing how their lives turn back to normal.

  6. Melony Smith Melony Smith

    wow, I have had since 1988, and just thought the vibration was high blood pressure or something, too much coffee…. Thanks

  7. Yun Hong Yun Hong

    stunning video! I LOVE YOU

  8. JJ Kouper JJ Kouper

    Eating food will cause MS

  9. kaivalya arya kaivalya arya

    The drawings are so captivating, gosh I was lost in your teaching 🙂 amazing sir !

  10. ClintfromNYtoVA ClintfromNYtoVA

    Great Video. I am breaking the Lyme Disease nematode connection that they are hiding so they can pump people full of antibiotics yet fail to cure. It is much more than just a tick transmitting a bacteria.

    Alzheimer's, MS, and more are often the result of a vector insect transmitted nematode!

    The CDC is hiding a worm (nematode) that gets transmitted by all kinds of insects which bite.

    Common biting flying insects and others are transmitting nematodes that are being overlooked while the elite get life saving disease stopping drugs that we get laughed at and denied.

    Its not a 'dormant state' so much as the nematode body that protects better than any bio film. You cant get rid of the worm with antibiotics. It produces more borellia bacteria, and you dont get rid of the Lyme or other diseases.

    Most doctors are being kept in the dark and those that are leaning of this have to be discreet but cannot inform the average patient.

    Vector transmitted nematodes are now getting linked to other common diseases that they refuse to cure with the correct class of drugs, antihelmintics.

    The medical establishment is literally milking many as we are debilitated by diseases that can be cured many of which are connected to the larger parasites that cant be killed by antibiotics.

    I have links detailing this discovery and will add more as they are found. Please alert your listeners to my latest video discussing this.

  11. saffy blu saffy blu

    How do you know when there are SO MANY DIFFERENT SYMPTOMS?!


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