1. Bad Hare Day Bad Hare Day

    Why did these grandparents not get financial help in a country that seems to readily hand out benefits? But Kim was able to access a hardship loan when her child wasn't even in her care? That's insane.

  2. Kerryanne Browne Kerryanne Browne

    These people shouldn't have had kids and they should have not become addicts in the first place. It's disgusting

  3. Toby Bodkin Toby Bodkin

    She said the kids don't matter unless she has her drugs and 🚬 while pregnant. Poor baby👶👶👶😭😭😭

  4. dtz jones dtz jones

    I feel for this girl and wish her well and her mother is amazing she's so lucky to have her💟I've lost my son and 2sisters and numerous friends💗's out to all these kids and anyone suffering

  5. Rosalina 90 Rosalina 90

    As if this isn't indicative of issues system to the society. Mass drug use doesn't happen for no reason.

  6. YaBoiiCyclone YaBoiiCyclone

    This Is sad

  7. Kayla Marie Kayla Marie

    You will never feel as sorry for these babies until you hear their cry’s and shakes of withdrawals. I have personally take care of these baby’s as a nurse and yes I cry for them. These grandparents are hero’s and these children have so many battles (poor self control, anger issues and discipline issues is because of the infant drug addiction) to continuously face throughout their life’s now because of their mother’s decisions. I pray these mother’s and father’s can get clean ♥️

  8. RavenclawIngenious RavenclawIngenious

    Don’t put what these parents are doing in as much as a neutral light. If you are hooked on drugs, don’t have a baby. If you’re pregnant, don’t try drugs. Never try drugs!

  9. Sheri neville turner Sheri neville turner

    This was hard to watch I'm 11 years in recovery from heroin and alcohol and unfortunately this is the sad truth of the life of an addict but I wish they wouldn't talk infront of the kids

  10. Petra Nyman Petra Nyman

    Surely the grandmom is in title of the childsupport??

  11. neon arroyo neon arroyo

    A great documentary.  Sad, Sobering and powerful.

  12. Lady London Lady London

    Foster carers get paid a lot to foster children, so why can't extended family members who take on children get funding??

  13. SirMatthe SirMatthe

    'Eroin is a 'ell of a druuug!

  14. TheLodjur TheLodjur

    We are obviously helping the wrong people, that's very clear. If only 3.6% of the rehab patients are getting clean, it's not effective, not for the addict, and not cost effective for the state. All the money spent on the addicts should really go to the children and those raising the children, money locked in food, housing, electricity and so on, so the addicted parent can't reach it in any way. It may sound harsh, but it's really millions flushed down the toilet to trying to get people clean who aren't 100% ready and committed. Let them detox in jail when they get busted, be a lot harsher on the dealers and factories, but don't fail the actual victims, the innocent children who never asked for this. THEY deserve the help. It's the story of the western world, we help the wrong people, punish victims and help criminals. It's the upside down world we live in.


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