1. Vince Warren Vince Warren

    The quality of the rep is my favorite. If you did 10 but still felt like you could do 5 more, you're just counting reps and not exhausting the muscle until failure. Results in less growth.

  2. baga chati baga chati

    Excellent, brother! You speak very well and clearly and thanks, it's inspiring. I think we grew up in roughly the same period and I can say that I fell in with all those things myself and have since learned so much more and here we are, making it better!!

  3. Ovi Wan Kenobi Ovi Wan Kenobi

    Diet is a scientific term but it has unfortunately been butchered semantically by fashion magazines and pseudo science publications into something of an idiotic fad.

    I need to work on nutrition for sure. Thinning hair and slow muscle growth pains me as well and my food most definitely is part of the problem.


  4. Spectre _ Spectre _

    Best fitness channel on YouTube.

  5. kellyjgoines kellyjgoines

    Are we all just going to skim over the fact that Jeff said he had thinning hair and now he looks like this?! I need details, Jeff! I would like to actually have hair in a few years and if a change in nutrition is going to help me do that then count me in!

  6. Irma Fitness Irma Fitness

    This is really great video !!!!

  7. Seth Adame Seth Adame

    41? God damn!!! I thought you were thirty son… Fucking awesome Jeff! Talk about longevity.

  8. sean callahan sean callahan

    I got really, really skinny after a motorcycle accident. 5'9", 120. Twig like. Your channel has been amazing. Started back a month ago, follow your advice, and eating like a hoss. Already gained ten pounds, in one month. My lines are still there so its not all fat. I live in Florida so needed this for beach season. Your advice is getting my mojo back; thank you.

  9. Dilan Jamieson Dilan Jamieson

    There are people who disliked this!!!!!

  10. Wendy Marquez Wendy Marquez

    Thanks for sharing! Made most of them already.


    jeff your channel is the best i learn so much from you thankyou for your hardwork and dedication

  12. Christiano Pinho Christiano Pinho

    thank you very much Jeff, for everything you're doing for all of us, really.

  13. Ruben Reyes Ruben Reyes

    Thank you jeff for opening my eyes i dont eat a lot of plant based carbs and didn't know they were so essential for building muscle. I like carrots broccoli but i dont like the asparagus. I will modify my nutrition plan to eat more plant based carbs

  14. Scott Carter Scott Carter

    You would look good with a beard

  15. yomit taide yomit taide

    at 10:49 when jeff pulledover up his sleeve..i thought he will slap me..because i was not giving full attention to what he is saying..lol…that why you shouldnt hold your phone too close to your face….lol

  16. Al Bundy Al Bundy

    I just had a pizza 🍕 thanks to this video, thank you Jeff, I'm getting my fats


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