1. TheRealTommy TheRealTommy

    TØP did it better. Wayyyyy better.

  2. Hannah Baldt Hannah Baldt

    my life XD

  3. gabbyisnotalright gabbyisnotalright

    I'm not crying you are.

  4. Cutestcutiepie 12 Cutestcutiepie 12

    MCR fans dont come for me but TØP sang it better😬

  5. laura ferris laura ferris

    what a song . little did I know it would mean so much to me.

  6. Rochelle Klein Rochelle Klein

    Its mesing

  7. mr meeseeks mr meeseeks

    this is better than twenty one pilots

  8. Rylee Hall Rylee Hall

    So I had know idea this was by MCR and NOT Twenty One Pilots. I just read the title of the song from Twenty One Pilots and it said cover. 🙁

  9. Crazygamer1547 Crazygamer1547

    I can't believe My Chemical Romance copied this song from Twenty One Pilots. Smh

    It's a joke, don't get triggered

  10. Michelle Marcondes Michelle Marcondes

    i love TOP but i hate what they did to this song so much that every time i hear their version i have to go listen to the original so i don't freak out

  11. Genesis Rios Genesis Rios

    I am not crying there is just onions right next to me

  12. early sunsets over monroeville early sunsets over monroeville

    f u c k i love this song :')

  13. Matt Coriz Matt Coriz

    If you're not crying by the end of this song you're a liar

  14. Lil Crybaby Lil Crybaby

    I dedicate this beautiful song to my used-to-be 6th grade math/support/science female teacher. She is fighting cancer and she hopes the cancer doesn't kill her, she goes through chemo and once tried to commit suicide because it was fucking up her brain. She's still alive and I pray that her cancer and everyone else who has it gets cured and doesn't have to go through the scary fate of dying. 🙏

  15. Taco Hersheys Taco Hersheys

    All I see in the comments is fighting. Why can't they both be good? I truly love both versions.


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