My favorite infancy

My favorite infancy
Back Pain
I see when open my flickr that i have been tagged by my flickr friends Aftab bhai, Aminul, and Junaid
Though it is difficult to write 10 points about myself but at last i discovered myself.
Ok, 10 points about me –

1. I think i am very much thoughtful and sensitive who feels pain by minor causes.

2. I used to draw picture and sing when i was in school and obtained prizes also.

3. I was in service for sometime as a Graphic Designer but my draw back is that i cannot linger anything for longtime.

4. My hobbies are perhaps, endless. I used to work on pottery, glass painting and spent longtime for making dolls etc.

5. I have many pet birds and spent most of my times to take care of them.

6.I also like to read books. A good book is enough to spent my whole of the day.

7.Now all i have to do after taking care of my little naughty boy RIDH.

8.I like very much to cook different recipes experimentally.

9. My best friend is MONI who live in London now. I miss her all the times.

10. I hate those people who do not keep their words.

I would like to tag the following flickr friends of mine –
Sajan bhai,
Anujnair bhai,
ner_luv’s ,
Rebels Abú’s bhai,
k@LLOL(Exam time)’s,

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