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    • avatar twinklepoornima7 1

      Its strange, But I too have Massive hair loss every March . But stressful event shave happened in the last 2 years in March. Im also pretty much taking all the supplements & Rogaine and stuff. Have you asked your Doctor about DHT Blockers?

      • avatar Prim Rizvi 1

        Hi. U r very honest. I m undergoing the same problem severely. But ur shown products like the shampoo is not sold in Bangladesh. So….

        • avatar JAWAADYBAR 1

          When you're dealing with hair loss, never feel too worried and stress and depression can increase it. I notice a bit of bald pattern on my head so it's best to not feel stressed and depressed. I'm a boy by the way and it was scary for me.

          • avatar Ilyes Daâa 1

            If you don't have a specific vitamin deficiency,it does not help to take vitamins,it's a scam !

            • avatar Jazz a Hams 1

              Hello girl,
              I want to tell You I really liked YOur video both me and my mom are facing hair loss, my mom's is way more severe but I want to tell you what helped us both
              – Biotin 10000 mcg
              – Castor oil
              – Apple cider vinegar to get rid of the dandruff

              – Biotin it just didn't help as much
              – Guava leaves tea ( that really helped her instantly )
              and that's it I hope this helps everyone else too.

              • avatar Shahrukh Joomun 1

                Heyy i just wanted to ask. you said your doctor said a lot of your hairs were dead abd they will fall out. once all the dead hair is gone, will new hair grow out? Did your doctor say anything about thus?

                • avatar Nida Usman 1

                  Hi. You are very beautiful and smart young lady. Don't be discouraged, many others suffer the same problem like us. And you wont grow bald. As you have identified the underlying problem ie stress, this process is called telogen Effluvium due to the stressful event. what is dead is gone already so its better to get a haircut to make room for healthier hair. Its very distressful I know. You want to hold on to what is left. I am not asking you to shave off completely. Just get rid of the dead ends at a parlor/ hair salon. An expert will cut it in waves to give more volume.

                  Make sure to do some stress relieving exercises. I use stress tablets. Its the major cause. Others include sudden weight loss, hormonal imbalance. But trust me this is temporary and be patient. After consistent treatment, it will take atleast 2-3 months to show desired results. It will go to its former glory after 6 months of the falling out phase.

                  Vitamins and fine but you need to focus on B-group complex, more specifically Biotin (B7) and vitamin C.

                  Hot hair oil massage does wonders too as they improve blood circulation on the scalp. Preferable oils are olive oil, castor oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, black seed and coconut oil. Tea tree oil helps fight infections and dandruff.

                  You can also apply 100% henna with lemon which is a natural conditioner and strengthens the roots. Try also onion juice and potato water to wash your hair and later shampoo it with mild organic shampoo preferably which is less heavy on your hair.

                  I wish you luck ahead. Keep fighting and eventually they will come out, even if they dont get thicker but atleast you get to ensure more dont fall out again! Take care

                  • avatar AMS 1

                    but sweetie please stop rogaine it will give you facial hair and once you stop your hair will fall too much, try to reduce gradually don't stop one time please

                    • avatar Azazel 장난 1

                      You never gonna grow your hairs back with those pharmacies . You took a wrong path

                      • avatar Yuri Sama 2

                        I'm 15 and my hair is like half of what it used to be and this has never happened 😰idk what to do

                        • avatar Lizi bby 1

                          I've been going through this for the past 2 years now and I noticed the hair restoration products like Rogaine made my hair fall out even more… Everyone is different, but I highly suggest staying away from these extremely harmful products full of chemicals that enter your bloodstream and to treat the problem from the inside out. Focus on a HIGH protein diet full of fruits and vegetables, as well as handling stress better. The only thing that has worked for me is applying a CASTOR OIL hair mask every other day! I found this magic formula on YouTube and my hair has never grown so fast!