My Skin Cancer Journey in Pictures



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    • avatar Luna Leto 0

      You stil keep that beautifull smile of yours ! Inspiring😍

      • avatar Dominika Karpul-Staniszewska 1

        U have all my prayers Girl, be strong. How are You now? Send You a lots of LOVE!❤️

        • avatar Mark superits 2


          • avatar Stan Schurman 1

            So brave and courageous!!!

            • avatar camila vega kru 1

              You are amazing. You're strong.

              • avatar Raphael Herter 1

                Jesus Christ. You are the most bravest Woman i have ever seen. And i got Problems that dont even matter compared to this. Its People like you that make me realize what Life really is about. Sry i'm in Shock for a moment

                • avatar Thomas Windisch 1

                  You´re so a strong Girl to fight this damn Cancer, so Keep your Head up, and dont give up ! , best wishes from Austria.

                  • avatar Paridhi Sharma 1

                    You're an inspiration<3.Stay strong girl!

                    • avatar Merial Edwards 2

                      Keep fighting! Honestly you are still so gorgeous. I can't imagine. You strengthen me with your strength! Stay strong!

                      • avatar Marisha Dotson 2

                        I'm working on an updated video of pics that range from radiation cycles summer 2015 to present day. My face and body have gone through so many things in that time frame, I don't want to the video to be too long. But it may just end up being a long one. I should have it out this week. :=)

                        • avatar توته البنوته 1

                          oh my God you are very beautiful strong girl keep going

                          • avatar Gigi & Jake 2

                            God bless you. Your so gorgeous

                            • avatar JACQUELYN DUARTE 1

                              Omg stay strong girl I know u will get through this baby ❤❤❤

                              • avatar Teresa Carey 1

                                your such a beautiful girl inside and out, be strong, God will help, because God knows you deserve it, we send are wishes and prayers to you.xx

                                • avatar Lisa Rabl 1

                                  First of all – I'm sorry if my english is bad but I'm from austria, I hope you understand at least a little bit what I wrote 😅
                                  Wow… I saw your video and I really don't know what to say… But I also want to say something! I admire your stength so much. So many people give up because of their lost husband or I don't know. But you, you didn't. Oh god YOU ARE SO STRONG! Even on the pics at the end of your video you still smiled and that made me very happy and proud. I don't think that I would smile, I think I would have given up at half of the video… I wish you the best and I'm sure you will beat the cancer very soon! And you want to know why? Because YOU deserve it! And if you think you can't go on anymore, please look at your video and look what you're already gone through, how strong you are!
                                  Send all my love to youu and stay strong 💪🏻❤️

                                  • avatar nrolevol2 2

                                    Hi, Thanks for sharing your journey. I saw this video today after I got home from having the staples removed from my head, I had skin cancer two weeks ago. I also didn't make poor choices in life, I carried an umbrella on my walks and I wore sunscreen and I'm still trying to understand how I got it. I see from the photos that we have similar skin tone, I'm covered in freckles as well. I have a family history of skin cancer. The first doctor misdiagnosed mine as a 'wart' and refused to listen to my concerns about it being something else and he refused to biopsy. Luckily I listened to my doubts and got a second opinion. My doctor also believes it to be genetic because I definitely didn't love the sun. I'm really sorry to hear this happened to you. Be strong. You have company in this fight against cancer.

                                    • avatar Marisha Dotson 2

                                      In the meantime, I do have an Instagram that I am fairly active on with updates. The user handle is Marigorosey if you want to look it up.😊

                                      • avatar Bluebel Blue 1

                                        Hi Marisha. Your bravery is an inspiration. Stay strong darling.

                                        • avatar Marisha Dotson 2

                                          I wasn't able to post a new updated video before surgery because the tumors made me really sick, and I wasn't up to it. I finally had surgery almost three weeks ago. First, I'll say it was finally a successful one after two long years of fighting and 14 surgeries!
                                          However, I am struggling right now with the healing process of having my internal nose tissues, nasal bone, maxillary bone, left cheek tissue, and upper teeth removed. I'm struggling with adjusting to the dental appliance, and the pain is still very much intense. More than I expected, but I'm hanging in there with just a few minor internal meltdown moments so far. I'll have more pictures soon when I feel better. It's still a long road for me. Another surgery on 4 months or so.
                                          Just a side note, it really bothers when people suggest it was my fault for not using sunscreen or allowing the cancer to grow. If those people would take a minute to read, they would know my cancer is rare and has absolutely nothing to do with sunexposure. I've always worn sunscreen since I'm so fair (I never sunbathed in my life). My tumors grew at a crazy accelerated rate before I could even have surgery, a 4 week time frame. Not all cancers are the same. So… 😊As always, thanks for the support!

                                          • avatar Ken s 1

                                            How are things going? It's been a few months and we're hoping to see you all well and happy.