1. Patrycja Zyzik Patrycja Zyzik

    Can you please do a skin care routine with drugstore products???

  2. Himanshi Arora Himanshi Arora

    Can we get an updated routine for fall/winter?! Thanks 😀

  3. Moon Child Moon Child

    You are a real life brunette barbie doll 😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Nadiuska Ippoliti Nadiuska Ippoliti

    What about sunblock? I think that’s very important. Elta md is good option.

  5. Bryanna Valdez Bryanna Valdez

    Im not even kidding… sine the begging of the video i was upsessed of how bright your undereyes are😩😍😍😍

  6. Kiara Medrano Kiara Medrano

    How you cleared your skin? Omg we have the same skin concern

  7. Randi Law Randi Law

    Do anybody know about Fopobiacne Secrets? Does it work? I hear a lot of people cure their acne naturally with this popular acne treatment.

  8. Avi Dirk Avi Dirk

    Hi CD
    Had a girlfriend with heavy acne scars all over the face means from upper forehed down almoust to the decolte.

    1 Abrasive skin renewal is a bloody and painful thing.

    2 I fell in love with a pair of eys and didnt even realised the scars during the first dates! She was very good with make Up !!!
    Later when somebody asked about the scars i realised that i dont see them anymore! The talk reminded me and my brain took away the optical filter.
    Ask your husband its useless and expensive and 1.

    Very often little flaws make a person interesting and unique.
    Today scars meen strength to me. The person overcame a physical crisis,is alive and dealt with life and the risks of it.

    BTW like your videos a learnd a lot for portait Photographie.

  9. A A

    make this look pls

  10. The Pink Pearls Glam Parlour The Pink Pearls Glam Parlour

    I haven't tried this out just yet but thanks for the review… I'm so dry in the winter. ~ Angie

  11. Me and my Crew Me and my Crew

    Yay you did a skincare routine

  12. bigbabyb bigbabyb

    What a bunch of expensive bullshit.

  13. Antonia Bello Antonia Bello

    What lotion do you use for the body? Your skin looks so healthy!

  14. Adriana Cobian Adriana Cobian

    girl I have really really dry skin so imma buy this and let ya know how it works out

  15. gabriel gutierrez gabriel gutierrez

    That looks great!! I have videos on how to exfoliate and clog your pores properly… itd be great uf i can get some feedback on my vid, so i can get my steps across more properly, thank you!!

  16. Serina Wolfe Serina Wolfe

    Coconut oil is the best makeup remover. It is non toxic. Most of those wipes have so many chemicals in them. .

  17. Demelys Oramas Demelys Oramas

    Please tell me what lipstick are you wearing?

  18. I'm The Dumbest I'm The Dumbest

    You're one of the most adorable youtubers out there. authentic, nice and talented. pure awesome! love you!

  19. Chloe Fitzgibbon Chloe Fitzgibbon

    you are honestly my inspiration!!!!! you open up about yourself and have helped me immensely. Thank you soooo much for doing these videos and please never stop.


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