My WoW Mists of Pandaria Review – Is It Enjoyable Or Not?

Within the conclusion of Cataclysm - the mmo last expansion - online players felt less active than before, along with seemingly next to nothing left to see and no final boss still left to kill.

Begin Mists of Pandaria, the MMO's latest expansion, which doesn't just boost the player's levels to 90, but possibly all their spirits. A completely new playable race has been added, new lands to discover, a brand new character class and many other features that allow your regular player a great deal more to do even at the highest level.

The expansion employs the continuing conflict escalating between the Alliance and the Horde in Azeroth, as each sides battle to command the resources of a completely new island called Pandaria. The population are panda-like beings, Pandarens, that love foods, brew and martial arts. Gamers starting off as a Pandaren begin in a small village encircled by mountains. Whilst they make their way via each starting zone, they discover that home is in fact on the backside of a huge sea turtle. They will also uncover they are the last hope to save the existence of this turtle.

Soon after completing a series of starting area quests, players are presented the option to become a member of either the Alliance or the Horde. Along with the new Pandaren race, a new class has been unveiled: the adaptable monk. They can use martial art abilities to help kill their adversaries or take a position at the front of the fight taking a beating while other players take down the enemy. Finally, they can utilize their ancient knowledge of the healing arts to support their allies. With skills like martial art kicks and rolls, playing a monk has added in more depth to the player class chart since the Death Knight was introduced in the 2008 expansion Wrath of the Lich King.

Mists of Pandaria also introduces mini-pet battles. Players can have up to 3 mini-pets and battle versus other players' pets or creatures in the wild. Every fight you win levels up your mini-pets, unlocking different skills and adding more maximum health. Overall, ranking up up pets is as much fun as questing.

With the expansion, the highest level a player can attain is raised to 90, and getting there is the fastest I have experienced. Once a player hits 90, they can begin the standard progression to get better gear for end-game content and raids, or take on more quests to improve a character's tradeskills.

Three-player scenarios are a great way for buddies to experience content while not requiring the normal five-player group or joining a 10- or 25-player raid. It isn't a quick track to acquiring better gear, but judging from the reactions of fellow people in my guild, the scenarios were exciting. Brand-new 5-player dungeons are also available, even though they seem oversimplified, at first. Nonetheless, higher-level dungeons provide a much better challenge. Anybody who has battled against Xin the Weaponmaster, the very last boss in the Mogu'shan Palace, will probably agree.

Developers have also added in more player and guild achievements that can reward players with new titles, gear and guild rewards.

Mists of Pandaria is WoW's finest expansion to date, offering new and experienced gamers a lot more to do at the start beyond leveling up a character. Brand new features like the mini-pet battles should help keep gamers interested. Such as any MMO expansion, success will be determined as more content is put in right up to the end, including dungeons, 10 or TWENTY FIVE-player raids and the final boss. With the content already provided to players at release, Mists is off to a terrific launch.



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