Mystryde Team Paws Chicago Marathon Fundraiser

Mystryde Team Paws Chicago Marathon Fundraiser
Event on 2017-09-24 12:15:00
Please join me Sunday, September 24th at 12:15pm for a special PowerStryde Fundraiser at MyStryde in the North End! Workout before watching the Patriots take on the Houston Texans!   Get your Stryde on with Cara Bednar, one of MyStryde's awesome instructors for a Power Stryde class to raise money for Team Paws, dedicated to building No Kill communities – where all healthy and treatable pets are saved!!  Each class ticket will get you 1 raffle ticket, a spot in the class, plus free wine & beer and snacks post class!!!  This style class will have you performing a combination of running and strength training. You will alternate beween 4-8 minutes of running and 4-8 minutes of strength exercises on your mat. All levels of running welcome! Tickets will be for the class, 100% of which will go to help Carrie Page reach her fundraising goals for Team Paws in the Chicago Marathon.  We Look forward to Stryding with all of you! Feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions! Street parking can be found nearby or there's parking at Haymarket Center Garage and Tickets can be validated for .00. MyStryde is here to make your run more fun. Not only is it more fun, its motivating, its exciting, and its the best workout around. Now we can all do it together at our own individual pace. MyStryde allows all runners, to run together without having to worry if they will keep up with the group, or if the group will keep up with them. Its your workout. Its all about you.

at Boston
456 Hanover Street
Boston, United States



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