Narcotics for pain management

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    • avatar OathOfGod (Lisa) 2

      We should make up pamphlets and leave them in the doctors offices.

      • avatar OathOfGod (Lisa) 0

        I was taking them as prescribed but it didn't show up, and I've been paying for it ever since.

        • avatar OathOfGod (Lisa) 1

          doctors are schizophrenic cowards

          • avatar Jack Connors 2

            Im afraid you are 100% Correct, and my old doc. told Me,, Dont go traveling, Nice guy!! Hes Gone. I Hear you Renee

            • avatar Christine Horan 1

              Help me? My pain management dr of 20 yrs.treated me with opioids now DEA shut him down & I can't find a Dr. in south NJ to treat me the same way? I have Medicaid ? Any help would be appreciated?

              • avatar Entertainment For All Network 1

                The government focuses on narcotics when there are more alcoholics than people addicted to pain medications. It is a sad world. I suffer from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac Disease, Chrons Disease. The more they cut these drugs down the more suicide rate will rise too. I know I would be one of them. If you suffer with a pain condition this is a very scary world to live in.

                • avatar ROUSH4203 1

                  I am in pain nearly every minute of every day (thoracic neuropathy) and all of my doctors refuse to increase my small amount of meds, I am miserable when I don't have the relief, I've tried everything under the sun and it's a life sentence for what I have.

                  • avatar Curt Ray 1

                    I live with this also. tilt.i would like a anti pain pill myself. sorry you have to deal with this or anyone out there.i am a tough sob and this is one hurdle I am unable to beat. pain is to strong. had stim installed,had pain pump installed,done all that and now I take 100mg methadone a day. I do not have a answer for this. the gallows pole is becoming real for does have to change.i failed test and all that crap.i know more than the fools I have to see for it.hate it all.

                    • avatar hippie love 1

                      where can I find your support group?

                      • avatar Lyn Blair 1

                        I'm in NY and Tramadol can be subcribed for several months at a time. As a synthetic opiate it's lower on the "restricted" ladder and just as effective. I can't take Ibuprofen, so it's my only option. My Dr.'s office called to make an appointment for a "med check", so I don't what's going to happen with it.

                        The whole thing is enraging. I've never taken even the max allowable amount over many years and never asked for a higher dosage (meaning I've never abused it in any way) yet I'll probably be restricted in some way. Hopefully, I won't be expected to go cold turkey, as it's horrible. I can't, at this point, get out of bed and function from the pain I experience without it. It's not like I "catch a buzz" nor, obviously, sell it. It's so unfair.

                        I'd check into the opiate pain killer situation in the country you're visiting. It may be less of a hassle, and considerably less expensive, to see a local physician and purchase the prescription there. The US has made it far more difficult than most countries. It makes no sense.

                        • avatar Emy Anderson 1

                          I've had great luck with all my stuff with an OTC called parasym plus vagus nerve stimulator, it's super helped me. Amazon has it, expensive but worth all of it for me. I had a terrible experience with my pharmacy yesterday, basically there was a mess up on my script and the pharmacy refused to call the Doctor to sort it out because I'm young and on painkillers and he doesn't like me(he's pulled this crap before, sadly), he said there were "too many options on the menu and he didn't know what to press" and he yelled across the room that my painkillers couldn't be filled today (HIPPA violations all over the place) and when I went up it was cuz of a simple mistake and not because I was early or anything, I was actually a few days late. So I've had a few days without pain relief and will have a few more. My best friend is coming to visit and I planned it around my meds and I'll still be out of commission :(

                          • avatar Weeping Willow 0

                            great topic!! fucked up how backasswards this system is. smh. it's sad.

                            • avatar Gina Flores 1

                              I Found You
                              I'm Gee Flores
                              And My Doctors Took
                              Me Off & Idk What To Do !!

                              • avatar Wild Vegan Child 1

                                Oh good you asked for some suggestions, I thought you'd never ask. Having worked in the supplement industry, I learned what they use for fibromyalgia. Malic Acid is apparently a huge remedy for fibromyalgia, in fact a particular supplement called "MagSense" by Preffered Nutrition has been getting a lot of positive feedback. People use it for the Magnesium to help them sleep and take away muscle cramps but there is a considerable amount of Malic Acid in it, there is also a Methylcobalamin B12 in it and some selenium if you don't eat Brazil nuts. It may help, it's worth a try. Also there is a homeopathic remedy called "fibromyalgia" by, ah shit, they may be lactose based, you could also try your local homeopath to see if you can get some liquid preparations made. It's amazing what homeopathy can do, it helped me a lot. Arnica is another one to look at for pain in homeopathy and topical rubs. Perhaps you've heard about all this, I just thought I'd leave this with you just in case.

                                • avatar Plant-Based Life 0

                                  Pain is horrible. I think if I had to take a drug for pain-my only choice would be weed for medical purposes. Often, a simple dose of ?minocycline or doxycycline 100mg 2 times a day helps with muscle and joint pains/or arthritis symptoms associated with infections. Years ago, I worked with a doctor Gabe Mirkin MD and he used this treatment for many of his patients who had chronic pain -fibro-and associated arthritis degenerative diseases. Most are mycoplasma type microbes and so that the bug that cannot be killed from most typical antibiotics.

                                  • avatar Lucretciela 1

                                    Wow, they put you on Suboxone? That's basically Methadone, same thing, if I were you I would get off that stuff asap, if you can. You can go to a methadone clinic that also has Suboxone and they will dose you everyday, and if you don't have insurance they work out a sliding scale and it is very cheap, they also take some insurance so it may be free. After a while they'll give you all your daily doses for the month at one time, so you only have to show up one time a month, and there are clinic in every city, and they'll raise or lower your dose as you want it, but that shit is as strong as Heroin, it just doesn't give you the same high. If you're on that stuff every day for months you'll be a full blown addict, and when you try to get off of it, it will literally be just as bad as trying to get off of heroin, many say it's even worse, and when you combine withdrawals with the Fibromyalgia pain, that's too much for the body to handle, you'd have to go to rehab.
                                    Your doctor has GOT to come up with something for you other than Suboxone, isn't there else? You're right, if you're addicted to that stuff and you can't get it… You will not hesitate to use heroin, the withdrawal misery is THAT bad. Trust me, I know a lot about this stuff, and don't hesitate if you'd like to talk, you've got my #.