Negative Effects Of High Blood Pressure For Your Eyes

Many men and women today are afflicted with high blood pressure and hypertension because of the type of lifestyle they lead. High blood pressure are a serious medical condition and can be life threatening when it developed into strokes and coronary diseases, or any other type of diseases linked with blood pressure.

You will also find that high blood pressure can potentially damage your vision, a symptom called the hypertensive retinopathy which is the present of hypertension in the blood vessels in your eyes, which is similar to other blood vessels in the body.

Symptoms will include blurred vision, swelling of vessels and if left unchecked for a prolong period of time, can cause you to lose your vision altogether because hypertensive retinopathy will cause leakages in your eye’s blood vessels.

This is especially pressing for those who are diabetics, because the possibility of developing diabetic retinopathy is even higher when both conditions are presented together. According to professionals in the medical field, nearly half the people with diabetes will at some point develop diabetic retinopathy. It starts off with mild vision but can quickly escalate to loss of sight.

Early detection will be required to successfully treat it, as such patients with diabetic are often requires to go for medical checkup in order to make sure that you have the time needed to treat it before the loss of sights. That aside, they will also have to make sure that they keep the numbers low on their blood sugar level, blood pressure as well as their cholesterols in order to prevent it from happening.

Damage to the blood vessels in your eyes are great when you have high blood pressure, one way doctors examine if there is a leakage of blood vessels and damage to the retina is to rate it by grade. A grade one means there are no sufficient findings in the blood vessels to suggest any leakage, while on a grade four they can subsequently conclude that retinopathy is present. The diagnosis is based on the swelling of macula and the optic nerves, which is the swelling that can degrade your vision.

Hypertension and high blood pressure are highly dangerous, and dub the name silent killer in our world today. Frequent check up, exercises and nutrition are detrimental to your health; therefore you should always keep your body and mind in an excellent state.

Start becoming aware of any form of variation to your vision because most people are just not careful enough when it comes to their own health!

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