Neuroma and Natural Foot Health.



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    • avatar Tiago 2

      Is there any chance that by using Correct Toes, I will be able to treat a morton's neuroma?

      • avatar Suz L 1

        I love Dr McClanahan's videos. First off, he's not full of himself!!! I went to a Podiatrist who was over 30 yrs in the business (thinking he'd have a lot of knowledge about foot pain) instead, he whisked me in, did a short check over of my foot, said , oh you have Sesimoidist in one foot and also Neuromas.. I said what do I do, his reply.. we'll you aren't getting any younger, take it easy.. Then said, I can give you a shot of Cortisone… (at the time , being in so much pain) I said ok…. turns out, the shot never really worked and the Neuromas went from one to three in the right foot and 2 in my left!!!! enter next Podiatrist.. although she spent more time examining my foot than the first doctor and did order an MRI… again, suggested Cortisone shot!!!!!! neither doctor EVER explained how the neuromas happen , further NEVER gave me stretches to do!!!!! by just watching Dr. McClanahan's videos, I have learned so much about foot care! not to mention, about stretches for the feet !!! also, having been doing many of the recommended stretches, my foot pain has decreased so much !! Thank Dr. McClanahan, keep the videos coming !!

        • avatar DaLenaEntertainment 1

          Do your toes go numb with this?