Nirvana Fitness®

Nirvana Fitness®
Event on 2017-08-30 17:30:00
Nirvana Fitness® is a unique fitness fusion program that takes the guess work out of how to connect breath with movement, by incorporating rhythmic breathing, with a simple to follow meditative flow of yoga and pilates toning exercises; set to a soothing blend of award winning music with theta waves and binaural beats. Creating it’s own unique genre known as “Breathing Fitness to Music.” This class is changing the world of fitness by giving participants the opportunity to experience deep diaphragmatic breathing, leading to an immediate reduction of stress, tension, and fatigue; which are often the results of shallow breathing relating to low oxygenation. Come try a class and enjoy the lasting benefits of the ‘Nirvana Fitness’ experience.

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at Union Street Yoga
51 Union Street
Worcester, United States

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