No-One Cares About Men’s Issues

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    • avatar Zack Freeman 1

      good films man.

      • avatar John Mikhael 1

        Man fuck the whole World and society its because we are in the game of being robots to them and enslaved to them in all the equipments and ways!!!! Yes We Have To Stand Up And Speak For Our Rights OUt in the Streets Man Fuck That We Can't Remain Silent for So Long…So That Yeah…

        • avatar sa ra 1

          the problem is that men want to keep their pride and not show weakness or pain ,then they complain about why dont anyone care about mens tears

          • avatar Mark Mac 1

            Your best video I've seen so far.

            P.S. you sort of look like 2pac in this one. Perfectly fitting, since Tupac also saw through the charades of women in his latter years. I'm sure you've seen the video of him and his views on women. If not, I suggest you go look that one up.

            • avatar Xeui 0

              Clasik is a good beautiful soul living in an evil corrupt world. Im with you clasik, let us wisemen unite.

              • avatar nonex359 1

                You are a fortune cookie. An awesome fortune cookie that emanate with inspirational wisdom. Thank you

                • avatar Derrick Jones 1

                  Its like society is trying to divide people and then poisen them to control population (illuminati)!   :)

                  • avatar Derrick Jones 1

                    no point in fighting a battle that can't be won ill be fine on my own :) my me time is my favorite. ill develope on my own but i see what your saying

                    • avatar biobele william-west 0

                      Great video and keep up the good work

                      • avatar Mo D Genesis 1

                        someone who doesn't talk shit cheers bro!

                        • avatar Remy Buitenhuis 1

                          You are so right i have accacly the same tought about. That girls always think that ist ok to do it with no responsrability and thinking they are better than men. And so underrating men. Good videos you make. Nice to hear someone who thing somelke the same about todays girls