Now Hiring!! Work From Home HealthCare Jobs At BroadPath HealthCare Solutions



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    • avatar Just Me 2

      Hello. I just started with Broadpath and it is a legitimate company. They will send you equipment to set up at home and have a inspector come out to see your home office set up. Its going good so far. The training is fast paced and you really have to catch on quickly. But I love the peace and quiet of not dealing with run over ghetto unprofessional co workers.

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            • avatar Nelson Luna 2

              Do anyone know if broadpath hire internationaly or is it just strictly US based ? it seems to be a wonderful company to work for but will not apply till I know if they hire outside the US.

              • avatar COOKERY AND CRAFTS CHANNEL 2

                I like your hairs!

                • avatar COOKERY AND CRAFTS CHANNEL 0

                  THANK U FOR YOUR KIND INFORMATION Lovely Lasean.

                  • avatar snowblo1 1

                    Thanks for the info. I was just pre-qualified for a position at BP, but after hearing that some positions require a constant camera on you, I don't know if I'll accept if they do offer a perm position. I mean that's just creep & intrusive.

                    • avatar Alexius Reese 1

                      I am so excited I ran across your page. YAY! I just applied and I hope I get it too. Lord knows I need a work at home position.

                      • avatar Queen bee 1

                        Let me be clear as to who I am so you can know how best you can be of help to me. I am a medical doctor living in Maryland U.S, currently preparing for my board exams. I do not have any job experience in the U.S, hence i would also need your help in writing a resume and cover letter that best foods into each of these job positions. What work from home jobs would you recommend i apply to that requires no experience and preferably requires no phone calls. I don't mind working 2 "work from home" jobs as I'm in dire need of a job, most especially one that wouldn't take my time off studying for my board exams.

                        You are the only YouTuber i trust in helping me look for a legitimate work from home job. I don't mind giving you my phone number and email address so we can talk better. Thanks as always.

                        • avatar Barbara West 1

                          Hi Darlene Congratulations to you! Yes that too is one of my concerns after 6 months the assignment might decrease in the number of people who are left with the company. But, on the other hand they have new assignment that are coming in all the time so like you said hopefully they will have more steady work by then.When do you start July or September?

                          • avatar Rie Smith 2

                            Thank you for sharing… came across your channel on a random search. There is a company listed on your site that I had no idea they had work at home jobs! I will be applying. thx again!!!

                            • avatar MsSharanda 1

                              Thank you so much for this information.

                              • avatar Tricia Clark 1

                                Do you know what their pay scale is?

                                • avatar Barbara West 0

                                  Hello just want you to know I applied toBroadPath HealthCare Solutions and was hired. I don't start until Sept but that is ok. At first, I was not going to apply but you encouraged me when you said to apply anyway even if you don't have any experience in the health field I felt that since it has been many years since I worked in the health field I would not qualify. But I was wrong thank you ever so much for those words!!! I have been working from home in the Customer Service field since 2011. God Bless you forever more!!!

                                  • avatar KiaraXOXO 1

                                    Hi I personally want to say thank you so much for this video. I applied to BroadPath HealthCare Solutions and got hired. Again I greatly appreciate you for talking about the work from home opportunities

                                    • avatar Just Me 2

                                      I actually took a drug screen for this company yesterday. I hope it works out. My only question is do you have to have a set up at home? I was going to rent a small office for this opportunity. Family home under renovations. Any advice.