Back Pain
… I charged ninety-nine cents on my American Express and Amazon sent me a glimpse into the meaning of life. That’s not a bad price and I won’t be coy, I’m going to share that glimpse with you without further adeau.

The glimpse was simply this: There is no meaning of the kind we seek and that is not a bad thing. It lets each of us off the hook to determine our own meaning. You are now free to do whatever gives you meaning and while this new freedom is not retroactive it begins immediately…this very instant.

On the surface I received a forty-eight hour rental of the Masterpiece Classics Wuthering Heights inspired by Emily Bronte’s novel of the same name.

I was so utterly fascinated by the characters, their personalities, the decisions they made and how those decisions came to effect their lives and the lives of those around them. It saddened me to reaffirm that so much of the pain of life is self-inflicted. That’s the price we pay for freedom of decision.

Now, I’ll be forced to do a deep research into the life of Emily Bronte and the making of the Masterpiece Classic. In all likelihood I’ll be doing research for the next few days, maybe weeks. To really know about the meaning of life is important and since science can’t provide it, we have to fall back on the genius of the arts.

Here’s the website for this offering of Wuthering Heights which can be rented on Amazon for ninety-nine cents or purchased for a little over eleven dollars US currency.

I chose not to buy it because if I rent it even six times, I’ll have milked all the meaning of life out of it I can. That’s a savings of five and half dollars more or less.

Here’s the website:

Stay tuned, I’ll probably have more visuals and here’s a link where you can read Wuthering Heights online:…

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