Online Eye Exam

Online Eye Exam

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    • avatar joe hernandez 1

      i got them all right without my glasses but i still struggle driving at night wtf

      • avatar Bugatti Veyron 1

        yes, i passed

        • avatar Carrieann Guerrero 1

          I couldn't see every line. I lost vision where I can't see far away. I have to have someone tell me what's on the white board. I hope its just vision lost from being in my late 40's

          • avatar Elif Öztürk 1

            I got all

            • avatar J Rudicil 2

              That was sssoooooo EASY!!

              • avatar Maribel Hernández 2

                How do you get glases

                • avatar SnowyChipMunk 1

                  Uh can u put answers at the end cause I don't even know if I'm correct lol

                  • avatar Harsh Kudav 1


                    • avatar Petra Garanča 0

                      it was way to easy,i swear to my little finger that i did has to be harder,but good if you did that ANSWER PLZ THIS

                      • avatar Plasma Skull 0

                        Glasses can actually weaken your eye you should naturally strenghten your vision by eating carrots and nutritonal foods in nature most humans don't "need glasses" since they don't stare at screens and entire 10 hours a day

                        • avatar Pee Man 0

                          got all of them correct