Open Circle * Rising in Sisterhood * Women Circle Initiation 2

Open Circle * Rising in Sisterhood * Women Circle Initiation 2
Event on 2017-09-24 18:30:00
Welcome Sister A bit more about the open circles in September.  The circle is a place to reconnect with ourselves, our essence, depth and the magic of sisterhood. For growth, for healing, for nourishment and community. For a different kind of sisterhood.. A place to connect to the magic of the divine feminine (in both its assertive and gentle aspects). To the moon, the magic of our cycle, the wisdom of our bodies.  The practices include different forms of meditation, conscious touch, silence, dance, prayer, creative writing and specific exercises While I, Tanmaya, lead the circle, each woman contributes to the circe through her presence. The healing and growth happens through the circle and the presence we offer each other. My role is to hold that space and prepare it.  The open circle's are there for you to explore and connect with the energy, the space, the women and the practices..seeing if this calls you and serves you.. ABOUT THE FALL/WINTER CYCLE (which you can choose to join after you attended one open circle)This cycle we will dive into the Sadhana or spiritual practice of "Passionate selfcare". As women we have the power to change things and influence everything around us. When we women are balanced, empowered and centred the world around us is impacted. Our energy and state speaks louder than words. Yet sometimes unprocessed emotions, lack of role models and too much time spent looking after others means that we forget to look after ourselves. So this cycle will be dedicated to self-care on all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual. And about how to anchor self-care in our lives.  The women who join commit to joining at least 4 of the 8 evenings.. like that we can go deeper together and the trust and connection builds..many women choose to stay for multiple cycles… So that's a short summary…you can find out more either by talking to me or on  I am looking forward to meet you if you feel a calling to join…. Much love Tanmaya

at Light Centre
9 Eccleston Street
Belgravia, United Kingdom

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