Osteoarthritis Treatment Frisco TX: How to Choose the Right Cane

Sufferers of knee osteoarthritis can usually be separated into two groups — those use a cane and those who do not. Studies have shown that the use of a cane can help with the pain associated with knee osteoarthritis, and even provide an increase in overall functionality. When considering the use of a cane, you need to be prepared for a one month adjustment period which can make many people feel that use of the cane is resulting in more effort. One of the keys to making use of a cane more effortless is to take into account how to pick a cane in Frisco TX when making your purchase. Check out our list of what to look for from our providers of osteoarthritis treatment Frisco TX below.

Osteoarthritis Treatment Frisco TX: Choosing the Right Cane

The Cane Grip

Which kind and size of grip you choose is largely a personal preference. Those who suffer from wrist pain or hand pain, or have trouble gripping objects will benefit from a larger cane grip. It’s crucial that the cane grip feels natural and comfortable when you grip it.

The Cane Height

A cane that is too short can not only make your cane difficult and uncomfortable to use, it can also exacerbate issues or injuries by forcing the walker to compensate by leaning to one side. In contrast, if you cane is too long, the cane may be harder to lift and result in a walking pattern that is taxing and awkward. A good rule of thumb is to choose a cane that comes up to your wrist.

The Cane Strength

If you suffer from knee pain, it is essential that the cane you choose be strong enough to support your full weight. For smaller statures, a wooden or aluminum cane may work just fine, but those with a larger physique, titanium or steel is probably a safer bet.

The Cane Side

For patients who have arthritis in both knees, you have the option to use the cane on whichever side comes naturally for you. However, if you only have pain in one knee, you should use the cane on the side that does not have any knee pain. This may seem counterintuitive, but the idea is to move the leg with the good knee forward while the cane stays by your side to support the affected knee.

If you are seeking a more permanent solution for your knee osteoarthritis, the doctors at Texas Ortho Partners specialize in joint pain Frisco TX and have helped many patients in the North Dallas area resolve their problems and get back to living pain-free. Schedule your appointment with one of our doctors of osteoarthritis treatment Frisco TX today by calling 469-293-4000.

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