Overcome Back Pain Due to Stress with Chiropractic Treatment

You have tried everything- taking volumes of painkillers and following instructions from a famous TV show- all to ease the distressing back pain you’ve been experiencing for so long. But, still, all have failed. The back pain you’re suffering continues to disturb you from your job and bother you as you think about your health conditions and overall wellness. Worse, the gruelling office jobs became more straining because of the pain. Well, you maybe haven’t try yet chiropractic care!

Back Pain and Chiropractic Treatment

Back pain, along with neck pain is a common chronic health condition. These are often obtained from injuries, acquired medical conditions, tumors, improper posture, and mechanical problems. Many people do not know that back and neck problems cam also be caused by stress.

Medically, stress is acknowledged to be one of the factors that contribute to the troubling back and neck pain. This is known to be “psychosomatic” or psycho-physiological. A psycho-physiological illness is the one in which physical symptoms are believed to be direct result of emotional factors. It is a condition of structural injury in bodily organs by the incorrect activation of involuntary nervous system and glands. One best example is when a person gets mad, it is very much obvious that his/her blood pressure rises and subsides when the emotion passes. Just similarly, when a person is depressed, his energy seemed to be low and activities which require physical actions are not done properly.

People with hectic schedules generally are prone to stress. Numerous paperworks and meeting deadlines causes them to have muscular stress. People usually have emotional tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. You will be feeling this when headache hinders you in doing your job. Such instances can lead to the common back and neck pain due to stress. This is known as Tension Myositis Syndrome or TMS.

Symptoms of Back Pain Due to Stress

The following are common physical symptoms associated with back pain due to stress.

* Headaches ranging from mild to severe

* Lower back pain and neck pain

* TMJ Syndrome (Clenching the jaws or grinding the teeth)

* Diffuse muscle aches

* Hypertension

* Excessive perspiration

* Fatigue or loss of energy (feeling lethargic)

To help ease the pain of TMS, you must first understand and solve the main cause of the pain – which is stress. Why are you gnawed by stress? Whatever the reason of having the stress, it is still imperative to know that you should solve the problem with stress first. Learn how to convey your emotions to give yourself the opportunity to adapt well with a stressful environment. Learning to deal with different people and practicing to handle yourself lightly and easily, will help to avoid or lessen stress.

A good sleep and exercise as well as proper can bring you back to your stress-free life.
The following tips will help you deal with stress at work and thus, avoid back and neck pains due to stress:

* Identify the warning signs of stress. Are you being irritable? Are you having social withdrawal and sleeping problems?

* Taking care of yourself first to reduce stress.

* Have time management and apply prioritizing and organizing skills at work.

* Improve your emotional intelligence. Social awareness and relationship management
will help to increase the ability to manage and use your emotions in a positive and productive way.

* Break bad habits.

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