Pain Management: Opioid Agreement


  1. Terrence Vergauwen Terrence Vergauwen

    she sounds like dolly parton!!! 🙂

  2. Panda 2016 Panda 2016

    I have been in pain management….and she's addicted…yes she is!  She may not be abusing her meds…but she is an addict!  Plus she is avoiding the conversation of addiction, probably because she is paranoid of sending a red flag.  The thought of her being cut off is unthinkable.

  3. Patrick Shane O'Marra Patrick Shane O'Marra

    " So she nailed it "I feel it" therefore "addiction" is a con versus pro."

  4. Richard Cranium Richard Cranium

    alcoholism is going to skyrocket

  5. Richard Cranium Richard Cranium

    as long as the people who are gonna commit suicide leave a detailed thank you note to the doctor who fucked them over,,and send it to the press or on line,,stating that DR's name and location specifically. first you fix me,,,then u fuck me!!

  6. Thomas Gronek Thomas Gronek

    This is just a propaganda film, don't waste your time

  7. Lee Scott Lee Scott

    Prescribe you 1000 80 milligram Oxycodone pills that should be enough for the month

  8. wanagi horse wanagi horse

    This is an addicts video. Any real Dr. is going to put you on a contract and do random UA's. If you take opiates for pain management. This chic is drug seeking. So obvious. Tramadol is a bullshit pill. They don't even make you sign a contract for that stuff. It doesn't work. You might as well take half a baby aspirin for a migraine.

  9. Geoffrey Baker Geoffrey Baker

    This is set up played out bullshit..

  10. Spirit Script Spirit Script

    This is like being treated like addicts!! Ridiculous! OMG! YOGA! My PM doctor brings this up! Yoga is against my religion! And so is meditation! These doctors do not want us as patients anymore! They don't NEED us! They love the ones who have simple pain, NOT CHRONIC!!! AND I feel like my doctor never believed me! I am ALWAYS compliant! The trust is gone! I can't trust him anymore. One day I'm a patient in pain and the next he talks to me like I'm an addict. Crazy!


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