PainFree Workshop for Sciatica

PainFree Workshop for Sciatica
Event on 2017-08-15 19:30:00
For those who suffer from chronic or recurrent sciatica: you will learn what your posture has to do with your pain and how posture therapy can empower you to eliminate your pain without drugs, surgery, or manipulation. An aligned human body is designed to heal itself. If you are experiencing sciatic pain your body has deviated from its correct anatomical blueprint design (think of the guy or the gal in the anatomy book or poster at your doctor’s office). Bringing your body back into alignment will allow your body to heal itself. We all know that you are asking for trouble if you continue to drive your vehicle when it is out of alignment. The result will be increased wear and tear, decreased efficiency, and in the long run, you are more likely to have some sort of expensive breakdown. The same rules apply to our musculoskeletal system. When our posture is not in its proper alignment there is increased wear and tear, decreased efficiency, increased healthcare costs, and sometimes, even loss of income. Not to mention the affects it can have on your sleep, recreation, emotional state, etc. During this workshop designed for sciatica sufferers, you will learn some ways to test your balance and functionality. From those results, we will go through a sequence of gentle exercises and stretches that can be very effective in mitigating sciatic pain symptoms created by common postural imbalances. Participants will receive full printable instructions (with pictures) of the sequence of exercises shortly after the workshop via email.For more information on Aligned by Design, Inc. and Deb Freeman go to http://www.alignedbydesigninc.comFor more information on the posture therapy go to

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