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    • avatar Andy Way 0

      "You have to make shit fuckin happen"
      word to your mother. Thanks for the tips Rich

      • avatar Olivér Tóth 1

        Rich is the type of guy who goes to church and says GOOOD FUCKING MORNING GOD DAMN IT!!!

        • avatar eyebal 1

          Rich is the type of dude to sit on a throne.

          • avatar Szabolcs Gergely 0

            Rich is the type of guy who eats his own semen so he doesn't lose his daily protein

            • avatar Methods of Greatness 0

              Rich paprika is my favorite red lobster seasoning

              • avatar thespiritbomb 1

                good video

                • avatar Rhyan Acosta 1

                  You really can't find better honest content than from Rich's channel.

                  • avatar Mike Mills 1

                    Out of alot of your videos this is one of the best with how solid your advice is. Awesome video!

                    • avatar baller waller 1

                      Why do I think this guy is real life Satan

                      • avatar pete 1

                        lol his left arm is like a fat baby arm

                        • avatar sirbrad4 1

                          Rich parent's and grandparents that throw you down a real estate inheritance makes it a hell of a lot easier right gold digger? Mhmm.

                          • avatar Ardian 1

                            Good tips rich what your saying is absolutely true. So many negative people on the comments thats why you all are still losers and rich is a millionaire , rich is a smart guy.!!

                            • avatar Chaee Price 2

                              About to grab my gym bag and head to the gym for some clients. Jesus forgive us for the gains were about to make.🙏🏻💪🏻✝️