1. Émilie Gilbert Émilie Gilbert

    I love your study tips! I'm a respiratory therapy student and I feel like I can totally apply these tips to my studying !

  2. Angelina Ramos Angelina Ramos

    Holy cow, this just made me so nervous. I start nursing school on Monday! Thanks for this video, I feel like it's helping me get mentally prepared.

  3. KarlyxxMarie KarlyxxMarie

    ah im about to take pharm this coming semester. So nervous.


    I live in Iowa as well, they added a CNA course to Valley High School that is a year long! Is there anything I should know before? Also do they choose where you work after? If not, how do you know which nursing home is the best?

  5. Daisy Mojica Daisy Mojica

    random but which printer do you use? I find the one i have prints well but the ink smears when I highlight… i'd prefer that not to happen.

  6. Sammie R Sammie R

    I start my junior year of my BSN program in one week and I'm super nervous for Pharm! Med-surg also sounds complicated I feel like I'm going to vomit oh lord

  7. Pink Crafty Beauty Pink Crafty Beauty

    I start Monday as a medical assistant

  8. India LaRae India LaRae

    I dropped pharmacology in the Spring . I'll be taking it again . I will pass this semester !!!!!

  9. HeatheRNicole HeatheRNicole

    Yes girl!! Lol LISTEN TO YOUR TEACHER! If people would actually pay attention in class, guaranteed you pass the exam. Also study, but write down what the teacher says lol

  10. BriannaShelleen23 BriannaShelleen23

    I just took my ATI TEAS I get my scores tomorrow I am oh so nervous! I love all your videos and enjoy being able to see what I will hopefully will be going through soon!

  11. rislanba rislanba

    Hello! Great stuff. Very helpful I will do the binder classification organization thingy. Can you up load that study guide you showed in the beginning of the video? Many thanks

  12. Nicole Elliott Nicole Elliott

    Hi I know this may sound crazy but do u think u would want to sell ur notes. Email me nikki83elliott@aol.com


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