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    • avatar Émilie Gilbert 1

      I love your study tips! I'm a respiratory therapy student and I feel like I can totally apply these tips to my studying !

      • avatar Angelina Ramos 1

        Holy cow, this just made me so nervous. I start nursing school on Monday! Thanks for this video, I feel like it's helping me get mentally prepared.

        • avatar KarlyxxMarie 0

          ah im about to take pharm this coming semester. So nervous.

          • avatar MCEVERYDAY 1

            I live in Iowa as well, they added a CNA course to Valley High School that is a year long! Is there anything I should know before? Also do they choose where you work after? If not, how do you know which nursing home is the best?

            • avatar Daisy Mojica 1

              random but which printer do you use? I find the one i have prints well but the ink smears when I highlight… i'd prefer that not to happen.

              • avatar Sammie R 1

                I start my junior year of my BSN program in one week and I'm super nervous for Pharm! Med-surg also sounds complicated I feel like I'm going to vomit oh lord

                • avatar Pink Crafty Beauty 1

                  I start Monday as a medical assistant

                  • avatar India LaRae 1

                    I dropped pharmacology in the Spring . I'll be taking it again . I will pass this semester !!!!!

                    • avatar HeatheRNicole 2

                      Yes girl!! Lol LISTEN TO YOUR TEACHER! If people would actually pay attention in class, guaranteed you pass the exam. Also study, but write down what the teacher says lol

                      • avatar BriannaShelleen23 1

                        I just took my ATI TEAS I get my scores tomorrow I am oh so nervous! I love all your videos and enjoy being able to see what I will hopefully will be going through soon!

                        • avatar rislanba 1

                          Hello! Great stuff. Very helpful I will do the binder classification organization thingy. Can you up load that study guide you showed in the beginning of the video? Many thanks

                          • avatar Nicole Elliott 1

                            Hi I know this may sound crazy but do u think u would want to sell ur notes. Email me nikki83elliott@aol.com