Piano Duel: Woelfl versus Beethoven

Piano Duel: Woelfl versus Beethoven
Event on 2017-07-24 19:30:00
Luisa Imorde, piano (as Woelfl) Thibault Charrin, piano (as Beethoven) Hermann Dechant, master of ceremonies (as Baron Wetzlar von Planckenstern) Austrian Composer, Joseph Woelfl (1773-1812) moved to London in 1805, living his last days in Marylebone, dying in Great Marylebone Street in 1812. A child prodigy, he became a rival to Ludwig van Beethoven; a rivalry which culminated in a piano 'duel' at the house of Count Wetzlar in 1798. This concert recreates this duel, using two pianos and period costume. A ‘master of ceremonies’, Baron Wetzlar von Planckenstern, presides over a contest of three rounds, testing the two pianists in 5 different skills. Round 1: Expression Sonata op 10 no 3 (II- Largo e mesto),  Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) Sonata op 6 no 3  (II – Largo), Joseph Woelfl (1773-1812)   Round 2: A Fugue Sonata op 10 no 2 (III - Presto), Beethoven Sonata in C minor WoO 113 (II - Fugue), Woelfl   Round 3: Tema and Variations Variations on Salieri’s “La stessa” WoO 73, Beethoven Variations on Salieri’s  “La stessa”, Woelfl   Round 4: Virtuosity Sonata op 10 no 3 (III - Rondo), Beethoven Piano School op 56 (Exercise no 9), Woelfl   Round 5: A movement in a Sonata Form Sonata op 10 no 3 (I - Presto), Beethoven Sonata in C minor WoO 113 (I – Introduzione, III – Sonate), Woelfl 6:30pm: Pre-concert Lecture Recital (Two Piano Giants: Woelfl & Alkan) Margit Haider-Dechant, piano and speaker This lecture recital acts as a prelude to the evening concert. As part of her talk, Margit performs Joseph Woelfl’s Sonata Non plus ultra and Charles-V. Alkan’s Concert sans orchestra, two compositions which were thought to be unplayable at the time of their geneses. Find out about the Marylebone inhabitant, composer Joseph Woelfl, as well as information about the piano ‘duel’, which is presented at 7:30pm.

at St Marylebone Parish ChurchSteven Grahl
17 Marylebone Road
City of London, United Kingdom



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