Picking a severe Heartburn Medication

Heartburn nausea is a very unpleasant feeling that comes from your stomach and up the throat. Heartburn can feel downright life threatening. And can be hard to distinguish between heartburn,and more serious conditions. A combination like heartburn and nausea can mean something far more sinister. Symptoms can include bloating of the stomach, a burning sensation in the chest and throat and sometimes, pain in both the abdomen and throat.

Heartburn relief generally follows one of three paths. The first is an antacid to neutralize the acid in your stomach such as tum's or rolaids. The second is a type of antacid that forms a coating between the acid and your stomach like pepto bismal.

The sheer dislike of the feeling of acid reflux in the throat can be a cause for nauseous feelings in the stomach. There are a numerous reasons why nausea and heartburn could be linked together, but it is important to know that it could be a indication of something other than heartburn. Indigestion perhaps, an ulcer, or even a more serious disorder could be to blame for symptoms of heartburn and nausea.

However, you can also take them after a meal, in tandem with an antacid. The antacid will bring quick relief, while the H-2-receptor blocker will keep that relief going over the long term. Other types of H2 blockers of which certain drugs such as Cimetidine, Ranitidine, and Nizatidine as also Famstidine help in giving relief from heartburn. This form of heartburn medication only takes an hour or two to provide relief and this relief may last for at most twelve hours.

What Your Doctor Can Do

Proton-pump inhibitors lower the production of acid in your stomach. This is accomplished by "inhibiting" the enzyme in the stomach that produces acid from doing its job. As a result, there's less acid and so less heartburn, Examples of PPI include PrevAcid. PPIs are generally well received although there maybe side-effects such as diarrhea, constipation or headaches.

H2 Blockers

Proton pump inhibitors actually block acid production, allowing damage that has been done to the esophagus by stomach acids time to heal. If you suffer from frequent or severe heartburn symptoms, talk to your doctor about the heartburn medicines that might work for you.

Alternative Treatments Instead Of Medication

Severe heartburn is often associated with too much acid, but in fact the opposite can occur causing heartburn. When we eat food, the stomach produces hydrochloric acid(HCL). One of its goals is to help with digestion. However, if there is not enough HCL produced, then food ferments, putrefying in the stomach and the resulting "mixture" can result in heartburn. HCL for heartburn supplements can help resolve this issue.

Treating Acid Reflux in Adults

Steven McCarthy has been studying how to control heartburn for many years and written various articles on heartburn so that quickly understanding heartburn information is not something that has to be difficult for you. If your looking for answers to the questions you have been studying and not just a bunch of confusing medical jargon. Check out www.controllingheartburn.com/
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