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    • avatar Linda Ryan 2

      Really enjoying this workout.  Tandy really explains the exercises well, doesn't rush you and reminds you of the correct way to do the exercises throughout.  It's challenging (as much as you want it to be) and I feel like I have had a real workout.  Great for fitting into my mornings before going to work.  Thank you.

      • avatar Anthi Iliopoulou 2

        I likes this video a lot, just the volume was very low and couldn't hear everything

        • avatar Alison Kruse 1

          i really liked it! im going to try to do this every morning!

          • avatar Deb Bulkeley 2

            Great workout. Tandy's direction is on point; she is a wonderful instructor. The music didn't bother me as I was too focused on the movements and listening to Tandy. I will definitely do this video again and will check out her other videos as well.

            • avatar Sadia Sarfaraz 1

              Just did the whole workout with you as I watched the video. It looks easy but is demanding. I got a great workout. Thank you!

              • avatar Yam Nepali 1

                Im a guy and after 30 min of doing this, feels amazing and loose. I'm gonna add this at least 3 times a week on my normal workout routine.

                • avatar Bliss Vdh 1

                  The music totally screws it up, it's frigging annoying

                  • avatar Marcy Keithley 1

                    I'm looking forward to practicing this workout. I the instructor is really good – not annoying.

                    • avatar h v 1

                      I just did this and it was my first ever pilates workout and I loved it I'm aching but she was lovely and easy to follow xx

                      • avatar Julia Chandler 2

                        awesome video! Great workout and great instructor