Pilates Wednesday 6.15pm PAYG CLASS 9th August

Pilates Wednesday 6.15pm PAYG CLASS 9th August
Event on 2017-08-09 18:15:00
This class is suitable for beginners or improvers, if you have any queries about which level class to join please get in touch. *PLEASE NOTE IF YOU HAVE BEEN UNDER CONSULTANT CARE OR HAVE BEEN UNDER THE CARE OF A CHRONIC PAIN CLINIC THEN PLEASE GET IN TOUCH BEFORE BOOKING AS A PRIVATE TUITION MAY BE MORE SUITABLE THAN A GROUP CLASS*. The class is £8. Please bring your yoga mat, wear clothing you feel comfortable to move in, close fitting clothing is preferable so that I can check your alignment and posture and make any adjustments. If you are new to my classes you are required to fill in and sign a pre-exercise health screening which I will send to you before the block commences. I need this before you can begin your classes. If you have any specific questions then please contact me directly, For FAQs please visit by website at www.laurenhiltonpilates.co.uk I look forward to meeting you. Lauren

at Performing Arts Studio
Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology (S.C.A.T) , London Road
Shrewsbury, United Kingdom



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