Placenta Facial Treatment | Anti-Aging & Skin Rejuvenating Treatment

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    • avatar marjan tuta 1

      Hiiii……wanted to know how much it costs and how many times are we suppose to go for the treatment

      • avatar Miss Aiswarya 1


        • avatar Shilpi Jaiswal 1

          this is a makeup to know whether ur skin tone evened out

          • avatar Kalyani Memories 1

            Atleast approximately??

            • avatar Kalyani Memories 0

              How much does it cost

              • avatar Kalyani Memories 1

                What id the cost of it

                • avatar Diksha Luniya 1

                  Me jb makeup krti hu tb vo ekdum perfect hota he ..lakin thodi dar bad mera face black lagne lagata he

                  • avatar Anju Dhawan 2

                    I want to know what is the cost????

                    • avatar Pallavi Pandey 1

                      shruti where have u been! love watching u. plz come up with ur diy videos 😘

                      • avatar Uma B 1


                        • avatar pallavi deshmukh 1

                          Shruti lv u 😘😘

                          • avatar aryaitk 1

                            Whose placenta is harvested for this treatment?? Is it human or any other Mammal? If another mammal which one?? And is it cruelty free??

                            • avatar GG Shaikh 0

                              will u plz tell how much it costs n where do we tske this treatment or from where we get this placenta machine plz reply

                              • avatar Induja Rani 1

                                Where we will get this treatment