1. Lilis Sihombing Lilis Sihombing

    Gosh, The female interviewee Ahn Min Yung has beautiful smile, why need surgery? i don't understand Korean

  2. jogboy83 jogboy83

    Best alternative to plastic surgery – Ban PHOTOSHOP !!

  3. jane abia jane abia

    fvcksake,they all look the same now😞

  4. Bomi Edwards Bomi Edwards

    Please stop with this Korea. I actually think a natural Korean face is the most proportional and attractive looking, and I've seen a lot of naturally beautiful and handsome Korean men and women. But please don't let a plastic face be the image of your nation

  5. Sunghee Kim Sunghee Kim

    And there're guys that say Korean women "need" plastic surgery bcuz they are too ugly. Without fundamental change in gender equality, things are not going to change.

  6. Robert Velasco Robert Velasco

    Although these operations will improve one's appearance it does not alter their DNA. Once they give birth their children will still carry the same ugly feature that they tried to get rid off!

  7. Xing Xiao Xing Xiao

    All these people are literally mentally sick!

  8. Pearl Jin Pearl Jin

    The world is sick

  9. Hanna G Hanna G

    Girl getting her cheeks shaved -the f is wrong with your face? I would like to have larger cheekbones.

  10. Nonesense Speaker Nonesense Speaker

    All these girls look perfectly fine before but as someone who plans to get plastic surgery when i'm older i really have no room to judge… that makes me a hypocrite XD and i hope no one tells them about how they were beautiful before because they can't go back now, that would be cruel. And the girl who had her eyes messed up and had a bad surgery, I have to say she is actually very pretty. I wouldn't have known she had gotten surgery if i'm being honest.

  11. Dana Dosjan Dana Dosjan

    bruhh this is actually really sad to think 75% of south korea people had plastic surgery, and the fact that some parents tells their children to do some plastic surgery and they supporting them to do this, parents should teach their children to love themselves, like dufaq

  12. Jojo L Jojo L

    There are some people obsessed with plastic surgery, to them changing the looks are following trends. They change their nose shapes according to every year's trend. It's unbelievable.

  13. TheLight IsComingBack TheLight IsComingBack

    Jesus Christ loves you, and thinks you are beautiful, despite who you are, who you've been through, where you've been through, and what you may have done. Jesus LOVES you and wants you. In Jesus' Name, Amen


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