Polistes tenebricosus–棕長腳蜂01

Polistes tenebricosus--棕長腳蜂01
Back Pain
(wasp branch) The length of body approximately 22 - 40 mm, outward appearance approximate brown long foot bee this kind of build greatly are but many. The body color sorrel, from the forehead has the gloss to the abdomen for the pure sorrel. The protothorax back board does not have the spot. Front and back has the shallow black the streak. The brown long foot bee abdomen's black spot is developed. This kind of distribution in low, elevation mountainous area. Alone flies common April to August in the flowering shrubs, the wing vibrates the sound is very loud. This kind for Taiwan biggest long foot bee, folk some people overflows to catch this bee to soak the liquor works as the tonic. The people enjoy when the delicacies actually did not know that this bee receives the stabbing pain with to drown executes the pain. Thinks, treasures the myriad things, multi-product mercy, for an ecology environmental protection mental effort! Hunts food or brings back to the nest to feed the larva. Gnaws wooden truncates nidifies. Nest near circle, the nest mouth has the iron grey campylodromous grain generally. The color and the material quality has the difference respectively, spring nidifies, autumn leaves the nest. The build is gigantic, body color red or brown red, front and back streak not obviously.
(胡蜂科)體長約 22 - 40 mm, 外觀近似褐長腳蜂但本種體型大很多,體色紅褐色,從頭部至腹部為單純的紅褐色具光澤,前胸背板無斑,腹背具淺黑色的斑紋,褐長腳蜂腹部的黑斑較發達。本種分布於低、中海拔山區,於4-8月常見於花叢獨自飛行,翅膀震動的聲音很大。本種為台灣最大的長腳蜂,民間有人濫抓此蜂浸酒當補品,人們享受佳餚時卻不知此蜂受著刺痛與溺斃之苦,想想,還是愛惜萬物,多積慈悲,為生態環保盡一份心力吧!獵捕食物或帶回巢裡餵幼蟲 。啃木削築巢。巢近圓型,巢口一般有灰白色的弧狀紋,顏色與材質各有差異,春天築巢,秋天離巢。體型碩大,體色紅色或棕紅色,腹背斑紋不顯。http://gaga.jes.mlc.edu.tw/new23/s7-14.htm



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