Pregnancy and Baby Series PART 1

Pregnancy and Baby Series PART 1
Event on 2017-07-11 18:30:00
2 Local Physicians have partnered…. Dr. Lisa Pate, a local Naturopathic Doctor,  and Dr. Erica Manger, a local Hostiic Chiropractor, have collaberated to bring you this Series of Classes you won't want to miss!  It will be full of very useful info on how to have a safe, happy, and healthy pregnancy and Post Pardum.Then they will lead into Prenatal and baby care, with alternative options to mainstream treatment.  It's all about supporting the body we already have and nurturing it with good food, nutrition, and alternative therapies.  We hope you can join us! There is limited availability, so reserve your spot now 🙂 

at Wellness in Motion Chiropractic
187 Greenbriar Blvd. Suite B
Covington, United States

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