Pregnancy Yoga, Sept

Pregnancy Yoga, Sept
Event on 2017-09-29 15:30:00
Prenatal yoga, the weaving together of yoga and childbirth preparation, empowers women to reclaim their physical, mental, and emotional strength and receptivity during the birth process. We are often so detached from our instinctual selves that sometimes we need to be reminded of what we already know; these sessions will encourage you to trust in your natural ability to birth and mother your baby. Prenatal yoga classes offer a nurturing space where women can create a connection with their breath, their changing bodies, their babies, and each other. Yoga can help women journey through their pregnancy with minimal discomfort, as well as developing tools which aid the birth and post-delivery stages. Classes will include: Asana including flowing postural practices which prepare women physically for giving birth by strengthening the core to stabilise the lower back; support the growing weight of baby and bump; mobilise the joints; create spaciousness in the body; strengthen the pelvic floor and increase energy and stamina. Women practicing antenatal yoga find relief from common physical and emotional ailments of pregnancy including fatigue, lower back pain, nausea, insomnia and anxiety. Pranayama (breathing practices) help women to foster spacisouness and ease breathing in later stages of pregnancy, as well as techniques such as the Golden Thread Breath to help with the birth of our beautiful babies. Most women find that the awareness of body, mind, and breath is what teaches them what truly helps when it's time to deliver their babies. Mantra and mudra help us harness the power of sound and gestures to calm the mind, stimulate the body, lengthen the breath (the antidote to pain) and encourage a sense of grounding and connection. Sounding the breath can be particularly useful for women during labour. Relaxation (aaahhhhhh) enables women to find stillness and rest which can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, overcome fatigue and help us confront the fears and frustrations associated with pregnancy and motherhood.  Mothers are entitled to time off work for antenatal classes including yoga :)  Class block dates: 4 week block (8th - 29th September) To block-book for all sessions from Sept - Dec (16 weeks) for a 10% discount email:

at Natural Balance Pilates and Yoga Studio Ramsbottom
37a Bolton Street
Ramsbottom, United Kingdom



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