Prenatal Partners with Elizabeth Shelhart

Prenatal Partners with Elizabeth Shelhart
Event on 2017-08-05 14:00:00

A 3-hour workshop designed to equip you and your primary birth support person with coping techniques for labor. You will engage in a short, grounding yoga practice to warm up for birth positions (no yoga experience necessary). You will have time to clarify with your partner what it is that you envision for your birth, how you would like to be supported, and review ways to stay connected during labor and birth.

Clients should wear comfortable clothing and be ready to practice movement, yoga, breathwork, and acupressure.

Yoga and optimal fetal positioning
Natural coping techniques for the 3 stages of labor
Massage for pregnancy and birth
Emotional response to pain
Comfort measures that ease back labor and help labor progress
Positions for labor and birth

0 for you and your primary support person

(Register at least 14 days in advance for off)

at Pomegranate
25 Tamalpais Ave.
San Anselmo, United States

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